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I’m already feeling like I have no time for everything I would like to do. I want to read, write, play video games AND get all my homework done in a timely fashion PLUS spend time with family. Grrr. Why can’t I have more time in the day? *sad*

Last night I played way too much World of Warcraft but for the first time in months, I was having fun. My friend, his three friends and I all did 5person Arenas … and I did it on my non-pvp character because she’s my only 100 at the moment (hunter is 95), and I actually still managed to do half decent so that tells you how bad they are *grin* Of course, I only did well when we went up against n00b horde teams lol … otherwise I would get crushed within seconds because my HP was so low compared to the others. It was a lot of fun though, even though we lost more than we won (we still won 8 out of about 20 LOL which is better than I thought with me as a handicap). Before I realized it, it was midnight! Gosh.

I did get the guild started, so w00t! I have decided to try to get a couple of guild achievements first before recruiting. So I am hoping my friend BL (the one on my server) can convince his friends to make toons on our server. If we have at least 3 of us power leveling new toons, we can get MAD achievements for the guild from the dungeons we run (just run dungeons the whole way through and probably hit at least 60 or 70 within a few days…its easy now).

If they don’t feel like leveling with us (which I don’t blame them), I’ll try to find someone to be our third to level so we can at least get some achievements before I start recruiting (don’t want it to be embarrassing ha-ha).

I know, I am very dorky. I know I know.

So it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing the Japan trip. They’re going for 15 days ): I am pretty bummed about that, but it’s way too long to be away. I would feel awful if (God forbid) something happened to my dad while I was over there *knocks on wood*. While something could happen if the trip was only 7-8 days too, it’s still a lot less nerve-wracking somehow to think about it. Don’t ask me how, just is lol … I’m weird, I know. So no Japan for me ): Maybe next year if they decide to do the trip again (which I hope they do) and all is well with dad (which I hope is).

I leave for class in half an hour. It’s a gorgeous sunny day here, and not as frigid as last week so it’s quite nice and has me feeling pretty upbeat (even on just 5 hours of sleep). Thankfully class is only an hour and 20ish minutes, so I’ll be home by 3:30 :D And with that, I leave you with today’s question which is also wow related :D

January 21 - If you found yourself transported into Azeroth, and you were given the option to live as any race/class which would you choose and why?[personal profile] blm 

This is kind of hard because I love the way the draenei and humans look. I also find the gnomes so darn adorable … but if I had to choose, I’d pick a human. I think they did a really good job redesigning them. As for class, I’d go paladin. I’ve been playing one for three years now and with the right gear, she is beast. Whether it’s PVP or PVE, I usually do well on her and have a lot of fun with her. I am enjoying my hunter too, so it would be a tossup between the two but if I have to choose, then paladin lol.

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