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I’ve lapsed again. I keep meaning to come here and post, but something always draws my attention away—sigh. Here are the meme questions I’ve missed.

January 22 - What season is your favorite, and why? -[personal profile] t_hale_capital 
Definitely autumn (why I choose this username too :D). I love everything Autumn related. The beautiful array of colors as the trees change. Hot apple cider, hot apple fritters, and gingerbread lattes… the smell of crisp air and just the right temperatures (not too hot, not too cold). AND of course … my birthday is in late September :D But mostly it’s the beautiful-ness of autumn that I love the most.

January 23 - If you could travel to any country (without worrying about $$), where would you go and why?
[personal profile] t_hale_capital 
Definitely Egypt. It’s my number one spot to visit if I ever get the chance (and things calm down there making it safe to travel). I’ve always been so fascinated with the history of Egypt, and I’d love to see the pyramids and actually get a chance to go inside one (though I am claustrophobic, so that might be a problem).

January 24 - You travel to any point in your timeline to fix or change something about yourself to make your future better. Where do you go and what do you change?[personal profile] yohjideranged 
I’d go back and NOT date my last ex. I’d give myself a glimpse of all the horrible things that were to come after the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a new relationship. I’d save myself a lot of pain, but I think I’d also not be as pessimistic about relationships as I became after that one. I’d be more open to guys, and not think every word past their lips is a lie to get something out of me … I’d be less closed off and a lot more approachable … but as it stands, I just want nothing to do with men at this point in my life and I blame most of my reasoning for that on him and his emotionally and physical abuse. Yeah … I’d definitely change that in a heartbeat.

January 25 - Can you recommend me some good history books (any era)?[personal profile] yohjideranged 
I was a bit ahead of my class in reading, so I tended to read teenage level when I was around 10-11 years old. I’ll go with Authors/series because I can’t just pick five books hahaha …
Everything by Christopher Pike—I was obsessed with his books.
Lots of Judy Bloom books in there
Sweet Valley High series
R.L. Stine Blind Date, The Baby Sitter, Hit and Run (just a few)
Cynthia Voigt books
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