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I spent the better part of last night downloading new fonts, finding Photoshop brushes and messing around with a few ideas. I didn't make any actual icons yet, but I hope to futz around a bit tonight. I forgot how much I enjoy this kind of stuff, and hours passed before I even realized it.

Now that I have to be up every day around 7am though, I need to be in bed much sooner, but I've always been a night owl. It's been a lifelong struggle to stay on a normal sleep schedule. For me, normal is 4-5 hours a night, sometimes less. As I've gotten older though, this is so not cutting it, and I find I do best when I get at least 7 hours. So, when I finally noticed the time last night, and it was after midnight, I was shocked.

Finally crawled into bed a little after 12:30am, but it always takes me half an hour to an hour to actually fall asleep due to a stupid active mind that never shuts up. Book ideas, icon ideas, work woes, school stresses, all this decides to bombard me when I am lying in bed, ready for sleep. RaWr! By the time I actually fell asleep it was closer to 2am... so no 7 hours last night and I have a feeling it's gonna hit me around 3pm today LOL.

Anyway. I am chipping away at that mammoth book I decided to read first this year. I'm around 256 pages, out of about 622 I believe. I figure if I can read 50ish pages a night, that's pretty good. I may pick up another book while reading this one that is shorter though. I am still trying to decide.

Anyway ... Here is today's question!

What is the best thing about your relationship with your parents? - [personal profile] serys 

I think the fact that I even have a relationship with my parents is quite amazing. I sadly know a lot of people who don’t get along with their parents, or who have sadly lost their parents and maybe never really got to know them or spend time with them. I feel my life has been enriched by knowing them and keeping them such a big part of my life, even into adulthood.

I think the unconditional love is a beautiful gift that I wish more people in this world were able to experience. The trust, the care and the judgment-free sharing of thoughts is always a huge plus. I don’t know how I will be able to get on without them … they are such a huge part in my life—and this I think might be a problem in the future as I am very attached to them and can’t imagine life without them (which might not be the best thing ... but it is. It's a double edged sword).
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You can tell I’ve had a few weeks off, I am using Happy and Monday together. Today begins one of the many long days I have this semester. Since I have to leave work at 1pm on Wednesday and Friday’s to make my 1:40pm class, I have to scrunch up all my time into three days (since those two days I do only 4 hours). So I basically work from 8am-5pm (no lunch but of course I take short breaks and munch on stuff for a few minutes here and there) on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. *headdesk* The light at the end of the dark tunnel are my Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Class is from 1:40pm – 2:55pm, so I should be home by 3pm. I do also have a Saturday class this semester, my last one ever. It’s communications which I already know is going to be a pain in my ass. So yeah, that all starts this Friday/Saturday… oii!

I do get a long break today though. The ‘team’ leader is taking us out to lunch. Problem? LB called out sick today, which is the worst thing she could do because now I am trapped with annoying coworker from hell plus her BFF and then the team leader. I don’t even care if it’s a free lunch, I so do not want to go. Ugh. Bwahahaha, they are rescheduling it, w00t! I text LB to let her know, and she was all “nooooo!” LOL We’re two peas in a pod.

Anyway … you guys should add me to goodreads (and I'll add back of course :D). I only have one friend on there and it feels lonely :D LOL

I leave you all with January 5th’s question. Have you ever had your heart broken? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys 

Oh yeah. A few times actually. I think it’s why I’ve become more and more closed off emotionally. The one that hurt the most was definitely my last relationship. We dated for almost 5 years, and it ended up becoming both a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I sometimes still have nightmares about it …. and in the end, I had to get a restraining order on him because after I broke it off, he still kept driving by my street or ‘encountering’ me at weird places. I think a lot of my hang ups now regarding relationships are due to a lot of unresolved things from that period of my life, but I’m stubborn and haven’t really gotten the help I know I need. Maybe one day … when I'm no longer content just being on my own and wish to seek out companionship.
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I am about to admit something very blasphemous ...

I want snow.

I know, you're all shooting daggers at me right now, but *raspberries*. :D I only want that first, fresh, clean snowfall. I love the very first snowfall. it's all so beautiful, and the glistening sun off the white surfaces blinds you with joy. It's definitely cold enough here, so I am hoping we get a storm soon :D HAHA ... I know, I'm nuts.

Anywho! I was tagged by[personal profile] serys !

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.

I tag -------»[personal profile] aldro ,[personal profile] blm ,[personal profile] booksyarntea [personal profile] thegrrlgeek ,[personal profile] feline_scribe and[personal profile] yada_yada.
  1. I have the really bad habit of jumping to conclusions or rushing immediately to ‘negative thoughts’. It’s a habit I am really trying to break away from, but it’s hard. I have pushed people away because of this, and I can admit it’s usually 90% my fault. Though, it is a little vindicating when the thoughts I had were actually true and the person was a piece of poo …but sometimes I wonder if I push them to be that way with my assumptions. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years, but it’s still a bad habit I’d like wiped.
  2. Like my journal friend who tagged me, I can’t sleep in total silence. I usually have some type of soothing noise in the background. Typically it’s my “rainfall” app which has a few good thunderstorm tracks that lull me to sleep. I love rain/thunderstorms.
  3. I find it odd that I really love history a LOT, but I rarely talk about it or ‘squee’ about it in my journal. I love to read about ancient times, and imagine what it must have been like to live in those conditions, etc. My favorite civilization were the Ancient Egyptians, and my favorite historic person is Cleopatra—what a sensation should would have been in today’s society (or Puritan society :D). I also do love early American history (not the slaughtering of thousands of innocent indigenous people of course).
  4. While I don’t believe 99% of the conspiracies out there in the world… I love to read and contemplate them. My favorite one of all time is also one of my favorite shows—Ancient Aliens. I love that show, and while a lot of it is just insane, I think it’s fascinating to think “What if?” LOL
  5. I loooooooove stuffed baby sheep and baby elephants. They’re just so damn cute. I actually have a decent sized collection of stuffed sheep, and the elephants are a recent “OMGTHEYRESOCUTEMUSTHAVE” obsession so I only have two of them.
  6. I burn quickly. I am very passionate, and that passion is quick to ignite and it burns fire hot…but it also fizzles quickly. I start projects all the time, get halfway, and abandon them. I’ll be super gung-ho about a video game, play it for a few weeks and then ditch it. I’ll start a scrapbook, get 10 pages done in two days, and then not touch it again for years. I don’t know if this is a bad habit, or if I just can’t make up my mind—ever.
  7. Some people eat when they’re stressed or things are out of control in their life. Me? I shop. It’s not healthy on my wallet. I’ve learned to keep it to small things, but it’s still something I do a lot … especially now that I have Amazon Prime. I’m always buying eBooks or regular books, movies, small things I don’t really need, but want and fill a different need. I guess it’s better than stuffing my face with Big Macs though, right? Right! :D

And now you all think I am a psycho :D I’m really not. These are kind of my worst qualities … and I’m usually good about controlling them (not always though LOL).
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So I pull into work at the same time as one of my co-workers (that I actually like). I decide to wait for her to park so we can walk in together.

As we cross the parking lot and are about to step onto the main path, something absolutely horrible and unbelievable happens. My right foot steps on some type of gravel rock the size of the grand canyon ... and since I can't talk and walk at the same time ... I didn't notice it. I knew I was going down when I got that "Uh oh" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sure enough, in super-slow-motion I manage to twist so I don't land on my hands and land instead on my left butt cheek and knee.

Queue the flaming red face, my gaze dancing around rapidly to see if I catch any curtains being nudged aside as I am sure the entire neighborhood just saw me tumble and fall!

Thankfully my coworker didn't laugh in my face. She helped me up, picked up the offensive rock and tossed it into nearby bushes. Then she proceeded to tell me about the time she broke both wrists ... at the same time. See why she's one of my favorites? 

Got inside with only a slight limp and proceeded to tell my best friend, who also works right next to me, the whole ordeal. First thing she does? Bursts out laughing. Not just tiny giggles ... no, full blown hyena laugh! Of course, I may have been telling the story in a way to get her to laugh, but that's NOT the point.

Queue coworker who witnessed the ordeal coming down the hall. I tell her how my best friend just burst out laughing at my horrific experience, and she shakes her head at her in shame. Win for me! LOL 

In all seriousness though, I am not hurt. My knee is a little bruised but another favorite coworker sneaked her way downstairs and got me some ice, which was very nice of her. I iced it for about half an hour and now it's feeling much better.

But yeah, it always makes me laugh how my first reaction is never "Am I okay?" but "Okay, who the hell just saw me fall like that? Must hunt them down and silence them!" ha-ha.

So that was the start of my day ... How has yours been? Lol

I am just very happy I have the next two days off work. What's sad is that I am very excited to play the new World of Warcraft expansion (which is why I took the time off... yes, I am a huge nerd). I managed to hit level 56 on my Hunter yesterday. I hope to get the last 4 levels today so I can boost her before the expansion. I want to concentrate on my main, a paladin, the next four days and try to get her as close to level 100 as possible. Oh yeah I gotta post the screen cap of her transmog gear ... Ill do that later today.


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I have to share this article I just read. It's pretty much 100% me. I take after my dad a lot, so he and I are the only introverts in our family. It's tough trying to explain to my mom or brothers, who are all extroverts, what its like to be us and why we love spending alone time more than going out and socializing, but I think this article does a great job of it. I had to share it with them of course, ha!

10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World

002 Sick

Nov. 6th, 2014 04:13 pm
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Yes. I am writing a post to tell the world I am sick, because it is super important. My head feels like its been run over by a stampede of MAC trucks. Going to go home, take some drugs (meds) and curl under the covers and watch my usual marathon of BONES reruns. :D 

And no, it's not Ebola. I haven't been to Africa or near anyone who has traveled there. HUSH.  I actually had a professor ask me earlier if I had Ebola because I kept blowing my nose... Really? *dies laughing* Only in 'Merica.


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