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My father is here with us. All the tests came back clear and they doctors have absolutely no idea what may have caused all the pain he had. It's a sucky feeling, not knowing what was causing it, but Im thankful it was nothing serious and he looks 100% better from Monday. That has been my best gift this holiday.

I just finished making some heath cupcakes and decorated them with some very sketchy trees :D I took some photos, which I'll upload sometime next week. My brother's cheated and each had one already and they enjoyed them. I just threw the heath bar bits into the batter and hoped it would turn out good.

Otherwise, I just want to wish everyone who celebrates it a very Merry Christmas! In less than hour it will be Christmas day here. <3

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I just had to return one of the gifts I got my brother DTP. I got him a dart board for his gaming room in the basement. It was one of those in a big wooden cabinet, and the real dart board inside with the professional scoreboard on the sides. It was actually a really good sale, so I was pretty happy. Then it arrived and yesterday he opened it and the cabinet doors were all scuffed up, and the inside was all chipped. I was pretty upset. I know this stuff happens, but ugh. So I just went through amazon to get them to send me a replacement, and processing to get this one sent back. Thankfully, my job is a UPS pick up spot, so I don’t have to lug the heavy ass thing to a location. Just wish he’d had it so we could set it up this weekend before going away lol. Oh well. Now they’re saying the new one won’t be in until mid-January, ugh.

I hate returning stuff Lol.

Oh sweet goodness, I just laughed so hard. My brother made a JibJab video using the heads of our family (his, dad’s, DTPs, mine and mom’s) rofl. I’m sharing it because I want to laugh my ass off all holiday season with this :D
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To set up our Christmas tree and village, but since we’re going away for that week, we never set it up (it just ends up being a lot of work for us not to even enjoy it on Christmas). So we usually set the whole thing up every two years. Yet for some reason, we didn’t do it last year, and I’m trying to remember why but I can’t. Oh well … Here are photos from our 2011 set up.

BUT, here’s what it looks like from the stairs (my view as I come downstairs from my bedroom).

*happy sigh* I guess I can just stare at the pics all day, haha!

In other news, I really am not into this WoW Expansion. I really tried the last two days, but my heart just isn’t in it. So I need a new game to fill my free time. Any ideas? Preferably a ‘no monthly fee’ type of game.

I do think I want to get back into making graphics though (there’s one in this photo set lol) … I remember I used to have a lot of fun making icons and banners, and all sorts of good stuff, but then my computer fritz’d on me, I replaced the hard drive and could not find my photoshop CD (I used elements). I may just use Christmas money to get a new digital copy (never get lost bwahahah) and get back into that.

I also still have that damn book idea floating around in my head but with all the school writing I’ve been doing the last thing I want to do is … write. Sad, I know. I am hoping I can get some done during the break. I’ve written the ideas down, so I’m not too worried about them disappearing, but I’m itching to write but just don’t have the energy for it lol

Anywho …it sleeted last night, but since it turned to rain early enough this morning we didn’t get a work delay, but people are still not here (and it’s been an hour), so it’s very quiet at work lol … Now it’s pouring like crazy out and it’s supposed to be like that the next few days. I love rain, but only when I am home and can doze in and out to it :D
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The Paper of DOOM is done! It ended up being exactly 12 full pages (would have been 13 but I cut some things out). Once I added in all the images, it turned into 16. w00ts! He wanted at least 12 written, no more than 15 written. He said we could add the pictures into the body of the paper to make life easier, so yay.

I also did my museum write up. I remembered we went to Sturbridge Village a couple of months ago, so I referred back to the photos I took that day (which luckily I am who I am and take a bunch of photos of everything) and wrote that 3 page paper. So, as far as my history class goes? I am DONE!

Now I just have to spend the next few days studying for my final exam in Stats which is Saturday. After that I am free of homework, papers, tests, and insanity until January 9th, when my first class starts back up for Spring.

I am very excited about this. I am dying for a break at school AND at work. Remember co-worker from a few posts ago? Well, she’s driving me bonkers and LB and I are just sick and tired of her right now. Christmas break can’t get here soon enough and thankfully we close down for two whole weeks, so it will actually be a break.

My family and I are going away the week of Christmas too. We leave on Sunday the 21st and come back that following Sunday. But that weekend my friend Erica invited a few of us up to Vermont for the weekend, so I’ll have to be packed and ready to go on the Friday (19th) since we’ll be leaving that day for Vermont, coming back from there early on Sunday morning, and then I’m leaving again with the family on Sunday… ha. It’s going to be a long weekend. But we usually just hang out at the Berkshires, so I’ll get a lot of relaxing in.

So yeah, I am really looking forward to those two trips—w00t! Can I get a TWO MORE CLASSES AND I AM DONE HALLELUIAH!

025 Friday!

Dec. 5th, 2014 11:50 am
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Today marks 2 weeks left of work until our 2 week break for Christmas and New Years. I love my job :D I can't believe how quickly the time has flown recently. I think I'm thrown because of how close to December Thanksgiving was this year.

I finally got in a little shopping this week so boxes have been arriving every day, annoying my poor dad :D LOL He loves it though, it gives him something to do. I still have no idea what to get him. I did make a donation in his honor, but I need something he can open up on Christmas day. Ugh.

In other news, we're supposed to get some crappy sleet tonight, which won't end until sometime tomorrow morning. My class starts at 8am. There might be a chance that it's cancelled. This will suck of it does. I never thought I would say that, but it will. He is teaching us the last two chapters for next week's cumulative FINAL test. If we don't have class tomorrow, he'll most likely STILL put those two chapters on the test, and I will fail ... because I am a very visual learner and this class is already hard for me because it involves numbers, formulas and all kinds of other crap my brain just can't grasp.

So, I am hoping one of three things happens tomorrow:
1. We have class and all is good.
2. We don't have class, but he posts up a practice final so I can at least google the questions and figure out how to do the questions on my own via YouTube (which helped me with the last couple of tests).
3. Or he tells us to not worry about these last two chapters and simply study what we've learned to date for the final.

Fingers crossed! 

TGIF Everyone!
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My cute little holiday stuff came in yesterday. I set them up on my desk at home and am totally loving it.

 photo 1c810bbc-8f63-467b-903a-ca7d1f7f30c5_zpsb10690f7.jpg

That photo was taken with my cell phone so it's not the greatest quality lol ... and YES, that's a minion sticker on my wall in the background :D One of my holiday gifts from a few years ago (I love the minions).

I also forgot to mention I bought antlers and a cute candy nose for my car ... rofl! I know, I am such a weirdo. It was funny though because I wrote my brother NP and was all "Will these eff up my car?" And he was all ... "Um no ... but please don't get those ROFL!" But I still did, bwahahaha.

I'll put them on this weekend and then take a photo of it.
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I had a particularly great weekend. It was very low-key and involved a lot of mindless entertainment.

After my 8am class Saturday (yes, I am the genius that signed up for an 8am Saturday class :D), I played a boatload of World of Warcraft until about 6pm. I decided to level a Hunter for PVP and I got her to about level 43 ... which is pretty good for 7ish hours of playing ha-ha. I am actually hoping to get her to level 60 today so that I can boost her to 90. Probably won't get that far, but I'll try.

Afterward, we decided to spend the weekend at my brother DP's house. I enjoy going there because he's got a huge wall-screen for his entertainment center. It's like being at the movie theater, ha-ha. I saw a couple of movies I've never seen before.

I'm a pretty big fan of New Girl, and I had no idea these two had made a movie. We were scrolling through my brother's box (it has all kinds of movies on it, even those still in theaters--though those are usually bad quality) ... and neither one of us had seen this so we put it on. It was stupid. Down right stupid ... and yet, I laughed at some parts so it wasn't completely idiotic. That's what I expected from this movie. Their personalities in this film are identical to the ones on the show...though I think "Coach"'s (Wayans) personality was slightly more original. I was also surprised to see Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) in this. Her personality was also a lot like the one in the show. It's weird that I find her to be a good/decent actress in Vampire Diaries but in this I found her so fake and horrible ... I don't get it. If you want something really dumb to watch that's kinda funny (one scene I do have to admit had me crying from laughing so hard ... and that scene saves this from getting a 1 star) ... this is the movie for you :D I give it a 2 stars out of 5.

I finally saw this movie. It was actually pretty great. I saw it alone, at like 2am, and I admit it made me jump a few times and increased my heart rate a bit. There were a few great twists to the movie that really made it enjoyable. The film is pretty much about a young woman whose life mission is to prove the paranormal doesn't exist (ghosts, etc). Yet, when she's called to an all boys school to disprove it's haunting and find the boy truly responsible, she's met with forces that will make her question her own beliefs. It's truly gripping and 'thrilling'. Highly recommended, especially if you like BBC's work. I give it a 5 out 5 stars.

Those were the two new movies we watched.

Sunday was my brother NP's birthday. We made dinner at DP's house, and my godmother and uncle came over to join us. DP and I started watching season one of Arrow, and I have to admit, the show is much better than I imagined it would be. I thought it was going to be another 'chick' type of show, but even my brother was really into it. They do a really good job of keeping each episode action packed and the storyline flows very smoothly with his flash backs. Somehow they do a good job of having the flashbacks move forward with the show, even though it's from the past. Definitely enjoying it... hopefully I can catch up this coming weekend.

NP joined us about 5pm, and we had his birthday cake (which was very delicious--Vanilla with peanut butter filling and a chocolate moose topping. It was banging. Then he joined us in watching Arrow and we got to episode 7 of season 2 before we all decided to head home around 10pm. I caught up on last week's episode of BONES and Constantine, which were both great episodes. I love BONES, and I am really enjoying Constantine.

So yeah ... it was a very laid back weekend with some great (and not so great :D) mindless entertainment.

Today I'm working on a project I have to hand in for class tomorrow night and since it's slow at work, I'm trying to get most of it done now before I head home. That way I can proof it tonight, and then again tomorrow morning before printing it lol. It's amazing the errors I can make when I type in the 'heat of the moment' or when I just want to get all the words out and not worry about how I'm getting them out. Whenever I go back to reread I always amaze myself at the failsauce :D

Anywho ... last thing I want to mention is Christmas. It may seem early, but usually by now I am completely done with my shopping for Christmas. This year I haven't even started yet. I did buy myself a couple of cute decorations for my desk at home, which I hope arrive today. Trying to get myself in the spirit so I can do some shopping before all the insanity happens in stores. I may try to hand make holiday cards this year, but I don't know if I'll have the time. I have a 12 page research paper I have to write too which is probably going to take up a chunk of my holiday weekend in the near future. UGH! Shoot meh!

It's a three-day work week for me! Which has me in all sorts of a great mood.


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