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Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope that you all have a wonderful, joyful and memorable passage into the New Year.... and that this new year brings in many happy memories, lots of love and great successes.

I still need a couple more questions for my January Meme here. Feel free to ask me anything! Just pick the date and ask me anything. The 18th and the last few dates in the month are missing. Thanks in advance!! 

I'm at the hospital right now with pops. He's getting his weekly chemo treatment. We'll be here until about 3-4PM.

We're not yet sure what we're doing tonight but I think they want to go to my brother's house to ring in the new year. Every year we typically do my Godmother's house and the whole family gathers, but the last two or three years all the "young kids" go out, so it's just been us old people (yes, I am old now *sadface*). So this year my dad said he didn't want to bother, especially since the treatments have been hitting him a lot harder with this new chemo. So last night, all the youngins were all "So what are we doing for New Years?" Really people?! Not only is it so late, but now they want us to plan some last minute thing ... where most places won't even taken food orders anymore ... to plan something at my godmothers? It just irks me lol. It's like we always have to do stuff on 'their' schedule. Oh well, not this year.

Going to lay back, watch some television, maybe play some video games or build those gingerbread houses we didn't get to build last week and take it easy. 

What are you plans for tonight? If any. 
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I had to request this Friday off. I just knew it was going to be a painfully long day, and I have so much to get done at home before we leave Sunday, that I would just rather use the day to do it.

Dad hasn’t been feeling well the last two days, and it’s totally stressing us all out. He thinks it’s the new chemo, but I think he’s coming down with a cold. He went in for his treatment today (still there), and the doctor said it might be a 24HR bug and we’re hoping that is all it is. We were going to come down next week from the Berkshires for his chemo session on Wednesday (it’s an hour and 40ish minutes away, so not that far) …but we’ve decided that if he’s not feeling so great next week, the Doctor said it’s okay if he doesn’t come.

It’s just so rough. My mom has been so strong this last year, and it’s honestly shocked me (she is very sensitive, and the slightest things make her emotional, hence my surprise). So yesterday we went shopping for some things for next week, and she was clearly very distraught, emotional and I told her she needs someone to talk to (we all do). She’s been holding it all in, but she said she has a coworker who really listens, and has been great. I just wish I could do more for both of my parents, but all we can really do right now is spend time together and keep hoping for the best. I just hate to see my mom so depressed and my dad so sick, ugh. Life can be quite cruel sometimes.

In other non-emotional news …

Last night I went through my stack of books on my “to-read” shelf at home of paperbacks. I have a LOT of books I have to read still, but I picked out four to bring with me next week. Plus, I’ll have my kindle books (which I just went through them all, and created a new Goodreads account—add me if you would like—and added all the kindle books I have NOT read).  I am hoping to get quite a bit read while away, so I can start off the new year having read a few books for pleasure before getting back into school books.

We just finished our Holiday party at work. It was a lot of fun, with a LOT of food and desserts. I sat with my usual trouble crew, and of course had way too much fun at a work event. They gave us two whole hours too, which was very nice. I really do love 99% of my coworkers <3

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I want to thank everyone who already gave me a lot of questions to answer in January! You guys are the best :D The best part? They are ALL awesome questions and I can’t wait to answer them … ha-ha. Is it January yet? :D There are still a couple of spots left if anyone hasn’t and would like to ask some questions. The post is here. They can be serious, goofy, philosophical, crazy, personal… anything :D

In other news, we had a surprise visit from my aunt and uncle from Massachusetts yesterday. My aunt is my dad’s older sister, so she wanted to come visit and see how he is doing. Luckily we were at Danny’s house, so we didn’t have to stress out about getting the house in tip-top-shape. I think I’ve learned to hate surprise visits like my parents lol, but it was nice to see them and they hung out for most of Sunday with us.

I took my Final exam in Stats on Saturday, and I have no idea how I did. The questions that were on the last exam I think I did well on, and I think I did well on some of the easier questions, but I got stumped on two of the questions, so we’ll see. Even if I manage to pull off a B in this class, I’ll be so happy… I’ve never gotten better than a C in any math class I’ve ever taken.

I’m just so happy I am officially done with this semester. I have a whole month free! I have a month free because my history professor was awesome and had our final work due last week instead of this week and he didn’t give us a final (which would have been this week). He basically gave me an additional week to my break, so THANK YOU! :D

Next semester I am taking a course on Japanese history with my advisor (I took his Chinese history and I loved it, so I am really looking forward to this class), AND a course on public speaking … which I am going to hate with a passion but I have to take a “communications” class, so ugh. I read up reviews on the professor and he does a lot of group work, which I hate too because usually I’m the one stuck doing everything, but I just need to get this stupid class over with and it was the only class I could take that was on a Saturday. So yeah, I’ll be miserable :D

But yeah … that’s not until January 9th! So, I have a whole month until that torture … and it’s only once a week so I’ll be fine (maybe).

In other news, I started watching that Marco Polo show. It’s a Netflix Original and it is actually really good. I only saw 4 episodes late last night and wanted to keep going but it was midnight and I want to save the rest for next week’s break. I’m itching to go home and watch it though. It’s got everything in it – betrayal, war, sexual intrigue, political conniving, a man trapped in a world not his own and learning the ways of the culture to survive (Marco), a bad ass ruler who is both ruthless but also has a soft spot he doesn’t show many, Kung Fu (I have always loved Kung Fu and wish there was more of it in the show, but it’s still new so I’m hoping there will be lots more in future episodes)… and lots of other great things—forbidden love/lust, great fight scenes, beautiful landscapes/wardrobe for the characters and much more. Granted, the first two episodes are on the slow side, but this is what happens with most first seasons, but after the second episode, it really picks up and I can’t wait to finish this season. Another reason I love Netflix, they release the entire season in one shot.

So, that is a new add to my shows list. I hope Netflix does a second season :D Anyone else watch it? Tonight I’ll catch up on last week’s episode of The Flash, Constantine, Bones (which was their 200th episode and I have been avoiding social media to not get spoiled, raWr!), Forever and Castle. I think next week I’ll catch up on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones since those two shows I love to watch back-to-back (and wish they were released like the Netflix shows).

P.S.  I officially deleted my Facebook. I can't stand it at all, and I just feel angry, annoyed, and hateful toward people whenever I browse through my feed, and I don't like feeling that way. Facebook is so not worth it, and if people really need to get in touch with me, they can do it like we all USED to do it ... actually pick up the phone and call me? Make plans to actually hang out? Actually care enough to not drop a brief line on my wall and take real time out of their day to stay in touch? You know, how friendships should work.

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Dec. 1st, 2014 10:08 am
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I miss a lot of things.

I don’t know why I’m feeling so nostalgic all of a sudden, but life really hasn’t turned out how I planned. As Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” I think there’s something to that, but maybe only because things haven’t worked out for me like I expected.

I really thought I would be married and with at least one or two kids by now. I thought I’d be a teacher (or a published author). I thought I’d have the “American” dream of owning my own place, minus the white picket fence … how cliché :D

Anyway … I don’t want to bring myself down or anyone else. Even though nothing has worked out as planned, there are still things about the life I live that I love. Also, I can’t be mad or regret many of the decisions I made … that really just wastes time and focuses on the negative, which I am really trying not to do. Which is why it was nice to get away from everything the last five days.

That’s why the radio silence the last week-ish. Wednesday night we went to my brother’s house (to have Thanksgiving there) and we ended up just spending the rest of the weekend there. I don’t have a computer at his house, and since I had every intention of coming home on Friday, I didn’t bring my laptop.

I had a few crap moments this weekend (just over-thinking everything around my dad), but I’m not going to rehash them. I am overall (98% of the time) very happy and so very thankful for everyone and everything in my life. So many people out there are truly suffering, and it pains me that I can’t do much more than donate a few dollars here and there … If you are ever looking to donate at some point and not really sure which organization will do the most good with your money, CharityWatch is a really great site that rates a LOT of organizations, and there are quite a few A+’s on the list that will hopefully fit a cause that you believe in. But yeah … I spent a lot of the weekend watching television or being sick (I seem to always get sick on Thanksgiving now—it’s become a new annoying tradition).

I watched FOUR seasons of How I Met Your Mother, which I am attributing to part of my nostalgic feeling. I am kind of obsessed with the show now, lol ... but I think it really captures well the struggles of the dating scene, while throwing in the married couple, the guy that says he'll never get married and bangs anything with two legs, to the girl so afraid to commit she sabotages every relationship she can ...and I haven't hit the end, but I am pretty sure it ends with everyone getting to the right place ... eventually... which is the whole point. We all take different paths and that's why it's the worst thing to compare our life to someone else's ... they're on a different path, a different destination and a different mode of transportation, how can you even compare? Yet, in the end, when you look back at all the insane detours, the hilarious 'wtf was I thinking' moments, the 'shit I really shouldn't have done that' fuck ups ... these things make us who we are meant to be, and makes us grow along the way to reach that point where we can say "I truly love my life ... and have no regrets."

I also watched two movies I'd never seen before:

Fire with Fire Stars Josh Duhamel, who plays a firefighter who witnesses a horrific crime and barely escapes with his life. The crime boss is a really bad, bad man played by Vincent D'Onofrio (who I looooooooooved in Law and Order Criminal Intent – he was so good in that). He does a really good job of being a really bad man in this movie, which was weird to see (because he’s usually a good guy) …but he did it really well. When Jeremy (Josh) agrees to testify against this guy, finally giving the Detective (Bruce Willis) after Hagan (D’Onofrio) a hope to finally put him behind bars, especially after Hagan murdered his partner and got away with it.

Read more... )

Parker is your typical Jason Statham movie. It stars him and Jennifer Lopez. Basically Parker is an ‘honest’ thief, who lives and works by a set of rules. When his latest sting doesn’t go as planned, and his partners end up screwing him over in so many ways… he has to teach them a lesson. Of course, his revenge can’t happen without the lovely assistant, played by J.Lo, who manages to get pulled into his scheme . It was an okay movie. As I said, it’s a typical Statham movie with action, plotting and justly revenge. Somehow, even when he plays a bad guy, he still ends up being a good guy. I give it 3 stars out 5.


So that was my weekend. The best part was that I got a huge break from school crap. Instead of my final paper being due this Tuesday, it's due NEXT Tuesday, so that gives me a whole another week to write the final 2-4 pages! He also told us this paper is our actual final, so no EXTRA huge writing project for a final ... AND I had no stats class/homework. It was great. It was nice to just unwind for four days and not feel like everything was due immediately (I can feel that way this Sunday :D). 

I hope that everyone who celebrates, had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! (:

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Remind me again why I was encouraged to go back to school? Ugh. This research paper has been making my life miserable lol. What little free time I have these days, this paper is soaking it up like a bounty paper towel. I managed to get a total of 9 pages written (out of 15) between Sunday and Monday ... and it is pure shit. It's just a draft, I know ...but I just don't have the heart for it. He only wanted to see a partial draft today, but I wanted to write as much of this stupid thing as I could so I could enjoy at least a little of my Thanksgiving this weekend.

On top of it, he is probably going to give us our take home final, which is another chunk of writing.... Annnnnnnnd reading because this paper has consumed my life. I have been reading for it and totally not touched the class book for these last two sessions. I also have a Stats final coming up, and we have ONE class (after Thanksgiving) to go over THREE chapters and then he is giving us a cumulative final ... Have I mentioned, FML? LOL 

So yeah, I am pretty stressed out these last few days and haven't had much 'fun time' except for Saturday night. We all went out to Plaza Azteca for my brother NP's birthday. It was him, my other brother DP, Trisha, Erica, Mike, Vince, Bruno, Bianca, Diane, Flo, myself and some friend of my brother DP. Dinner was great, with lots of laughs, stupidity and delicious food. We took almost two hours there, and then we went to the new Dave and Busters that opened up. I really didn't want to go to that part, but since they all insisted on carpooling, I was pretty much stuck.

It was an okay time. It was pretty packed when we first got there (almost 10PM). A lot of the gaming machines were taken up, so it was a 'which game can we get on' type of game in itself. Thankfully, about 10:30PM, they kicked out everyone under 18, so that freed up a bit of the games and some I admit were fun... others meh. We pretty much spent the rest of the night there until about 2am. Left the place, hung out outside in the parking lot talking loud and laughing like idiots.

They still wanted to go out to some 24-HR diner and I had to put my foot down. Luckily Bruno/Bianca live near my brother DP (where I left my car), so they offered to take me there on their way home. Driving to MY home, I watched two deer cross the street near my house (never saw deer that up close before and they've never been this close to us), and it was really an "awwww" type of deal. I immediately passed out the second I got home.

I got up super late on Sunday ... the latest in a long while. After a late lunch at DP's house, I got to work on the stupid paper and around 10, I just couldn't take anymore and went to sleep.

Yeah .... it's an UGHHH few days, but I have Thursday/Friday off, and hopefully I can get this paper finished Wednesday, so I can enjoy the four day weekend and then just proof the thing on Sunday. Probably won't go down like that though. I'm a huge procrastinator and know it's not due until next Tuesday, so I will probably not work on it until super late Sunday night.

TWO sorta-new, but not new shows I'm into right now:

Reckless - Trisha and I started it at DP's house while lunch was being prepared. I really got into the show (we watched 6 episodes). Got home, googled it and come to find out CBS cancelled it. To say I was pissed was an understatement. I didn't even know this show was on air this summer? Did they even promote it? So yeah, the season on Netflix only has 13 episodes and apparently its quite the cliffhanger too. Ugh. I just didn't even want to watch the last few episodes but I probably will ...haha.

How I Met Your Mother - Okay, I am so late for this bandwagon, I know. I don't know why, but when it actually was on air, I thought the premise to the show was a little dumb. Last night I needed a break from all the writing and something to just go to sleep to and started the first season up on Netflix. I am mad I missed out on watching it when it was on air, but I was happy to see it has 9 seasons. So that is going to be my new show I watch as often as I can. Though I admit I am tempted to jump ahead and see who 'mom' is but I am holding it back in haha.

Anywho ... I think I am going to get some actual work done before the break and then later see if I can do some holiday shopping... still haven't started ):


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I had a fun time last night with the girls and it was the getaway I really needed, lol. It was nice not to go straight home and drive myself right into books again.

We met up at Starbucks and I was able to enjoy my delicious Gingerbread Latte, BUT Trish got their newest red cup flavor, the chestnut praline latte and it was mouth-fraking-watering. It might be my new favorite! Though they do have a toffee nut latte they added that I really want to try too ... so I may have two new favorites. I'll get back to myself on those two.

Afterward we went to Target and I bought all the ingredients for the Dirt Trifle I plan to make for Thanksgiving next week. I hope it comes out delicious :D It's a VERY simple recipe, but I have no luck when it comes to this stuff so *fingers crossed* This is the recipe I plan to use.I'll post photos if it comes out great (and if it doesn't come out so great :D). And yes, I even got the gummy worms.

I was going to do the museum visit for my history class this weekend but I just have way too much to do. I was just reminded that tomorrow night they're celebrating my brother NP's birthday with dinner and then Dave and Busters that just opened up here. I really don't want to go to the latter. I hate crowds, and this place will be ridiculous because it just recently opened up here... but my brother really wants to go there. I told Trisha (his gf too) to just take him, but she wants to have everyone go ... It's going to be miserable for me.

So I basically only have Sunday to write half of my research paper (because he wants to see a partial draft). FML. LOL I also have my stats exam at 8am tomorrow, so I am trying to study like a mad-woman today at work (and later tonight) which cuts into my reading for the paper ...but I figure if I dont go to Dave and Busters on Saturday, then I can read them (another valid reason not to go :D).

Three more weeks ... I just have to keep repeating that.

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I had a particularly great weekend. It was very low-key and involved a lot of mindless entertainment.

After my 8am class Saturday (yes, I am the genius that signed up for an 8am Saturday class :D), I played a boatload of World of Warcraft until about 6pm. I decided to level a Hunter for PVP and I got her to about level 43 ... which is pretty good for 7ish hours of playing ha-ha. I am actually hoping to get her to level 60 today so that I can boost her to 90. Probably won't get that far, but I'll try.

Afterward, we decided to spend the weekend at my brother DP's house. I enjoy going there because he's got a huge wall-screen for his entertainment center. It's like being at the movie theater, ha-ha. I saw a couple of movies I've never seen before.

I'm a pretty big fan of New Girl, and I had no idea these two had made a movie. We were scrolling through my brother's box (it has all kinds of movies on it, even those still in theaters--though those are usually bad quality) ... and neither one of us had seen this so we put it on. It was stupid. Down right stupid ... and yet, I laughed at some parts so it wasn't completely idiotic. That's what I expected from this movie. Their personalities in this film are identical to the ones on the show...though I think "Coach"'s (Wayans) personality was slightly more original. I was also surprised to see Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) in this. Her personality was also a lot like the one in the show. It's weird that I find her to be a good/decent actress in Vampire Diaries but in this I found her so fake and horrible ... I don't get it. If you want something really dumb to watch that's kinda funny (one scene I do have to admit had me crying from laughing so hard ... and that scene saves this from getting a 1 star) ... this is the movie for you :D I give it a 2 stars out of 5.

I finally saw this movie. It was actually pretty great. I saw it alone, at like 2am, and I admit it made me jump a few times and increased my heart rate a bit. There were a few great twists to the movie that really made it enjoyable. The film is pretty much about a young woman whose life mission is to prove the paranormal doesn't exist (ghosts, etc). Yet, when she's called to an all boys school to disprove it's haunting and find the boy truly responsible, she's met with forces that will make her question her own beliefs. It's truly gripping and 'thrilling'. Highly recommended, especially if you like BBC's work. I give it a 5 out 5 stars.

Those were the two new movies we watched.

Sunday was my brother NP's birthday. We made dinner at DP's house, and my godmother and uncle came over to join us. DP and I started watching season one of Arrow, and I have to admit, the show is much better than I imagined it would be. I thought it was going to be another 'chick' type of show, but even my brother was really into it. They do a really good job of keeping each episode action packed and the storyline flows very smoothly with his flash backs. Somehow they do a good job of having the flashbacks move forward with the show, even though it's from the past. Definitely enjoying it... hopefully I can catch up this coming weekend.

NP joined us about 5pm, and we had his birthday cake (which was very delicious--Vanilla with peanut butter filling and a chocolate moose topping. It was banging. Then he joined us in watching Arrow and we got to episode 7 of season 2 before we all decided to head home around 10pm. I caught up on last week's episode of BONES and Constantine, which were both great episodes. I love BONES, and I am really enjoying Constantine.

So yeah ... it was a very laid back weekend with some great (and not so great :D) mindless entertainment.

Today I'm working on a project I have to hand in for class tomorrow night and since it's slow at work, I'm trying to get most of it done now before I head home. That way I can proof it tonight, and then again tomorrow morning before printing it lol. It's amazing the errors I can make when I type in the 'heat of the moment' or when I just want to get all the words out and not worry about how I'm getting them out. Whenever I go back to reread I always amaze myself at the failsauce :D

Anywho ... last thing I want to mention is Christmas. It may seem early, but usually by now I am completely done with my shopping for Christmas. This year I haven't even started yet. I did buy myself a couple of cute decorations for my desk at home, which I hope arrive today. Trying to get myself in the spirit so I can do some shopping before all the insanity happens in stores. I may try to hand make holiday cards this year, but I don't know if I'll have the time. I have a 12 page research paper I have to write too which is probably going to take up a chunk of my holiday weekend in the near future. UGH! Shoot meh!

It's a three-day work week for me! Which has me in all sorts of a great mood.
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I am still pretty obsessed with World of Warcraft. The new expansion comes out next Thursday (Nov. 13), and I have even taken Thursday and Friday off of work to level my main character, which is a Human Paladin ... and damn sexy, I might add. I'll post a screenshot of her later.

So I think I might share my thoughts on the new expansion as I level, dungeon, and then later raid. I am quite interested in seeing how the Garrisons work, and most of the models have been released (except the blood elf, but I am mostly alliance) ... and I actually like the new models a lot. Many can't stand them, which I don't know why ... I think they did a great job with them. The only thing I do miss are the different eye colors on the humans (and other toons). They used to have blue, violet, hazel ... now they all seem to be just a shade of brown. 

I am going to see how far I can get the hunter I started yesterday. She is going to be my PVPer. I am curious how PVP will change in WoD. If I can get her to 60 before the expansion, I may just boost her to 90 since I've played a hunter before and won't be total failsauce. It will be nice to do that too so I dont have to level Leatherworking to 600! Leatherworking is a major bish.

So yeah, that's my geeking out for today.

In other brief news, I really don't want to go to class tomorrow morning but I missed last week with my family visiting from Canada out of nowhere (I hate when family show up without calling ahead). Though, it was very nice to see them and hang out with them, since it's been about 15 years since I last saw them. They came down to visit my dad, which was very nice of them.

Dad's chemo is ... going. They changed the type of chemo a month and a half ago so it's stronger and has more risks than the other type. He seems to be doing okay with it, and the nausea isn't as bad as with the other one. The doctor wanted to change it because his second CT Scan showed that his tumors didn't change too much ): So they're hoping this new one will shock the body to shrink the tumors, and yeah ... we're all hoping. 

It really is just a day at a time right now. We can only hope for the best.



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