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I just had to return one of the gifts I got my brother DTP. I got him a dart board for his gaming room in the basement. It was one of those in a big wooden cabinet, and the real dart board inside with the professional scoreboard on the sides. It was actually a really good sale, so I was pretty happy. Then it arrived and yesterday he opened it and the cabinet doors were all scuffed up, and the inside was all chipped. I was pretty upset. I know this stuff happens, but ugh. So I just went through amazon to get them to send me a replacement, and processing to get this one sent back. Thankfully, my job is a UPS pick up spot, so I don’t have to lug the heavy ass thing to a location. Just wish he’d had it so we could set it up this weekend before going away lol. Oh well. Now they’re saying the new one won’t be in until mid-January, ugh.

I hate returning stuff Lol.

Oh sweet goodness, I just laughed so hard. My brother made a JibJab video using the heads of our family (his, dad’s, DTPs, mine and mom’s) rofl. I’m sharing it because I want to laugh my ass off all holiday season with this :D
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Because it makes me giggle, I am sharing.

LB returns from lunch and takes a seat at her desk. Suddenly, she’s making all this ruckus so I turn to her and give her *what’s all that noise for look*.

LB: “What? I had to take off my sneakers.”
Me: “Why don’t you just keep them on?”
LB: “They don’t match my ugly sweater…”
Me: “Yeah they do.”

LB: *Turns to me with a shocked, hurt look*
Me: *cackles like a hyena* Oh come on, you walked into that one.
LB: *pout* Okay, you’re right … I did. Good one.

And she'll get me back, she always does :D

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I swear, that is the question a favorite co-worker just asked my best friend co-worker about her boss.#weirdthingsIhearatwork

I chuckled (cuz my mind always immediately goes dirty) and and gave her a hard time. "Really? Most random question of the day award goes to!"

In other news ... A few weeks ago HR sent out a note to let us know we were hosting the "Turkey and a Thirty" Foodshare drive again for the community. I totally forgot about it, and so when I came in today I felt bad. Luckily, I had twenty bucks on me, so even though it's not a turkey and thirty, it's at least something.

They were handing out cute little stickers with their receipts, so I had to take a photo with my phone, ha.


I'm trudging along in this book for my research paper. I am almost halfway through it. It's sad... its not even 300 pages. I can read a 300 page book in one night if I am really into the book (Ive done it many times), but this thing is like pulling teeth. After reading this, I have to read fraken 10 articles so it's not my only source (he wants at least 5 and 1 primary). I also have to study tonight and tomorrow for my stupid stats test. HELP MEH! ): LOL

At least tonight I get a short break from this insanity. Hanging out with Trisha and Diane. We're going to go to Starbucks since they have their "RED CUPS" out right now. I want my damn gingerbread latte :D  Then we're going to go do a little Christmas shopping at Target (stocking stuffers, though I might buy my mom and dad's gift there if I can find something they might actually like).

Every year I have this problem. My parents have EVERYTHING they want or need... when they need something they just buy it. When they want something, they just buy it. They have NO hobbies, so I can't just buy something for that. They hate going out and dinning or doing activities. They like to hang out at home or at my brother's house and relax (they've worked very hard all their lives, and don't know how to 'splurge').  They're so difficult to shop for...ugh. I may just give them gift cards to places but I hate that cop out ... it feels like a cop out LMAO. RaWR!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Other than that, I have only bought one thing for Diane and one thing for Trisha for Christmas. I haven't found anything for my two brothers ... UGH. I have started to write holiday cards, so if you're interested in one, please see the post before this one :D 

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LMAO! So I was hanging out in my garrison showing a friend around (you can have a friend come by and its an achievement) when I noticed a cute little bird in a tree that was clickable. Of course, I clicked and now he's sitting on my head for an hour and it says "You found a cute little friend!" lmao. I had to take a screen shot.

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I'm happy to see I am not the only one upset. This guy (Video below) seems a little extreme, but a lot of his points are pretty spot on. He has a #2 video up, a "36 hours later" one. People are mad because he's a grown adult and raging like a 2 year old, but I see his point too. Plus, it's hilarious :D The second one is even funnier.

Just pretty upset with the way Blizzard handled all of this. People are coming out and admitting they were in Beta and they warned Blizzard about a lot of the issues that caused this nightmare launch. Others are just huge fan boys and cant see any wrong on Blizzard's part, and I'm sorry but there is definitely blame there. They're a multi-billion dollar company ... they have the money to have thought of this beforehand...but they just don't care.

I am not going to be a liar and say I am unsubscribing. While I am annoyed and hell, even upset by this, I do still enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy the story lines, the game style, etc. Though, this has taught me not to give them more than my $15 sub fee. I usually buy pets and mounts, and other things (like name changes, etc), but no more. I won't be giving them more than the monthly fee from now on, and I really don't know if I'll continue with further expansions.

This experience has put a bad taste in my mouth with the game, and usually when that happens I don't stick around much longer ...but I won't sit here and say I'm going to rage quit (at least not yet :D). I am hoping the content is super amazing and well worth this insanity ... and then I can get back to enjoying what I pay for :D
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So I pull into work at the same time as one of my co-workers (that I actually like). I decide to wait for her to park so we can walk in together.

As we cross the parking lot and are about to step onto the main path, something absolutely horrible and unbelievable happens. My right foot steps on some type of gravel rock the size of the grand canyon ... and since I can't talk and walk at the same time ... I didn't notice it. I knew I was going down when I got that "Uh oh" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sure enough, in super-slow-motion I manage to twist so I don't land on my hands and land instead on my left butt cheek and knee.

Queue the flaming red face, my gaze dancing around rapidly to see if I catch any curtains being nudged aside as I am sure the entire neighborhood just saw me tumble and fall!

Thankfully my coworker didn't laugh in my face. She helped me up, picked up the offensive rock and tossed it into nearby bushes. Then she proceeded to tell me about the time she broke both wrists ... at the same time. See why she's one of my favorites? 

Got inside with only a slight limp and proceeded to tell my best friend, who also works right next to me, the whole ordeal. First thing she does? Bursts out laughing. Not just tiny giggles ... no, full blown hyena laugh! Of course, I may have been telling the story in a way to get her to laugh, but that's NOT the point.

Queue coworker who witnessed the ordeal coming down the hall. I tell her how my best friend just burst out laughing at my horrific experience, and she shakes her head at her in shame. Win for me! LOL 

In all seriousness though, I am not hurt. My knee is a little bruised but another favorite coworker sneaked her way downstairs and got me some ice, which was very nice of her. I iced it for about half an hour and now it's feeling much better.

But yeah, it always makes me laugh how my first reaction is never "Am I okay?" but "Okay, who the hell just saw me fall like that? Must hunt them down and silence them!" ha-ha.

So that was the start of my day ... How has yours been? Lol

I am just very happy I have the next two days off work. What's sad is that I am very excited to play the new World of Warcraft expansion (which is why I took the time off... yes, I am a huge nerd). I managed to hit level 56 on my Hunter yesterday. I hope to get the last 4 levels today so I can boost her before the expansion. I want to concentrate on my main, a paladin, the next four days and try to get her as close to level 100 as possible. Oh yeah I gotta post the screen cap of her transmog gear ... Ill do that later today.



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