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I’ve lapsed again. I keep meaning to come here and post, but something always draws my attention away—sigh. Here are the meme questions I’ve missed.

January 22 - What season is your favorite, and why? -[personal profile] t_hale_capital 
Definitely autumn (why I choose this username too :D). I love everything Autumn related. The beautiful array of colors as the trees change. Hot apple cider, hot apple fritters, and gingerbread lattes… the smell of crisp air and just the right temperatures (not too hot, not too cold). AND of course … my birthday is in late September :D But mostly it’s the beautiful-ness of autumn that I love the most.

January 23 - If you could travel to any country (without worrying about $$), where would you go and why?
[personal profile] t_hale_capital 
Definitely Egypt. It’s my number one spot to visit if I ever get the chance (and things calm down there making it safe to travel). I’ve always been so fascinated with the history of Egypt, and I’d love to see the pyramids and actually get a chance to go inside one (though I am claustrophobic, so that might be a problem).

January 24 - You travel to any point in your timeline to fix or change something about yourself to make your future better. Where do you go and what do you change?[personal profile] yohjideranged 
I’d go back and NOT date my last ex. I’d give myself a glimpse of all the horrible things that were to come after the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a new relationship. I’d save myself a lot of pain, but I think I’d also not be as pessimistic about relationships as I became after that one. I’d be more open to guys, and not think every word past their lips is a lie to get something out of me … I’d be less closed off and a lot more approachable … but as it stands, I just want nothing to do with men at this point in my life and I blame most of my reasoning for that on him and his emotionally and physical abuse. Yeah … I’d definitely change that in a heartbeat.

January 25 - Can you recommend me some good history books (any era)?[personal profile] yohjideranged 
I was a bit ahead of my class in reading, so I tended to read teenage level when I was around 10-11 years old. I’ll go with Authors/series because I can’t just pick five books hahaha …
Everything by Christopher Pike—I was obsessed with his books.
Lots of Judy Bloom books in there
Sweet Valley High series
R.L. Stine Blind Date, The Baby Sitter, Hit and Run (just a few)
Cynthia Voigt books
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I’m already feeling like I have no time for everything I would like to do. I want to read, write, play video games AND get all my homework done in a timely fashion PLUS spend time with family. Grrr. Why can’t I have more time in the day? *sad*

Last night I played way too much World of Warcraft but for the first time in months, I was having fun. My friend, his three friends and I all did 5person Arenas … and I did it on my non-pvp character because she’s my only 100 at the moment (hunter is 95), and I actually still managed to do half decent so that tells you how bad they are *grin* Of course, I only did well when we went up against n00b horde teams lol … otherwise I would get crushed within seconds because my HP was so low compared to the others. It was a lot of fun though, even though we lost more than we won (we still won 8 out of about 20 LOL which is better than I thought with me as a handicap). Before I realized it, it was midnight! Gosh.

I did get the guild started, so w00t! I have decided to try to get a couple of guild achievements first before recruiting. So I am hoping my friend BL (the one on my server) can convince his friends to make toons on our server. If we have at least 3 of us power leveling new toons, we can get MAD achievements for the guild from the dungeons we run (just run dungeons the whole way through and probably hit at least 60 or 70 within a few days…its easy now).

If they don’t feel like leveling with us (which I don’t blame them), I’ll try to find someone to be our third to level so we can at least get some achievements before I start recruiting (don’t want it to be embarrassing ha-ha).

I know, I am very dorky. I know I know.

So it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing the Japan trip. They’re going for 15 days ): I am pretty bummed about that, but it’s way too long to be away. I would feel awful if (God forbid) something happened to my dad while I was over there *knocks on wood*. While something could happen if the trip was only 7-8 days too, it’s still a lot less nerve-wracking somehow to think about it. Don’t ask me how, just is lol … I’m weird, I know. So no Japan for me ): Maybe next year if they decide to do the trip again (which I hope they do) and all is well with dad (which I hope is).

I leave for class in half an hour. It’s a gorgeous sunny day here, and not as frigid as last week so it’s quite nice and has me feeling pretty upbeat (even on just 5 hours of sleep). Thankfully class is only an hour and 20ish minutes, so I’ll be home by 3:30 :D And with that, I leave you with today’s question which is also wow related :D

January 21 - If you found yourself transported into Azeroth, and you were given the option to live as any race/class which would you choose and why?[personal profile] blm 

This is kind of hard because I love the way the draenei and humans look. I also find the gnomes so darn adorable … but if I had to choose, I’d pick a human. I think they did a really good job redesigning them. As for class, I’d go paladin. I’ve been playing one for three years now and with the right gear, she is beast. Whether it’s PVP or PVE, I usually do well on her and have a lot of fun with her. I am enjoying my hunter too, so it would be a tossup between the two but if I have to choose, then paladin lol.

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I am super behind on my January meme. I didn’t realize I’d let it go so long. So, instead of writing about Sunday Monday AND the meme’s, here are the questions. I’ll post about the other stuff later.

January 15 - Out of anyone that has ever lived, who would you most like to meet? - [personal profile] serys 
I would have loved to have met Leonardo da Vinci. I find everything about his life fascinating. He was both extremely artistic and very intelligent (genius). I think he would have been an amazing person to interview. Seriously, if you don’t know much about him, I highly recommend doing a little research on him—he’s so damn fascinating. And of course, I’d definitely want to meet Cleopatra—she was kickass. :D

January 16 - What is one thing you like about yourself? - [personal profile] serys 
I’m very trustworthy. I think the reason people always come to me for advice or help or just to talk to, is because everything they tell me that is private, remains that way. There are things I know that would literally ruin marriages – but it’s not my place to do that.

January 17 - Talk about something that is beautiful to you. - [personal profile] serys 
I love sunsets or sunrises on the beach. The sound of the waves crashing on shore. The warm sand between the toes. The gentle glow of yellows, deep purples and blues, and hints of pink as the sun dips or rises at the horizon. The deep blue of the ocean, reflecting the rays along its rippling surface. The sound of seagulls overhead. Watching as they dive toward the water and scoop up their breakfast or dinner, to fly away victorious. No one around for miles, creating a peaceful silence that soothes away the thoughts of worry or everyday life—a silence that is never uncomfortable.

January 18 - You are in a massive library that contains every book in existence. Which section do you go to first and why? [personal profile] yohjideranged 
I’d go into the ancient works archives—the kind of stuff the Roman Catholic church has in its basement. I can only imagine the kind of stuff I’d find – the first written words ever… secret documents that people haven’t laid eyes on in centuries … that kind of stuff :D I’d also see if there was a section of books that revealed the truth about every conspiracy out there (aliens, JFK, etc) LOL

January 19 - A genie grants you 3 selfish wishes. These wishes cannot be used for anyone else or for any altruistic purposes. What do you wish for? - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
1. Enough money to live comfortably (a home with 2 bedrooms and a room big enough for a library – enough money to afford the taxes, purchase of said house, and all utilities I will ever need for the rest of my life). AND enough money to travel to one new place once a year (any place I want).
2. Publish one of my books without me having a panic attack, nervous breakdown over it.
3. Make me a VAMPIRE! :D

January 20 - If you were told you could only play one faction in WoW which faction would you choose and why? [personal profile] blm 
Alliance. Though I started out Horde and enjoyed it for a long time, I am a lover of the Alliance side. The characters are just way more pleasing to my eye, the cities tend to be prettier, and while the quests are pretty much the same on both ends, I have always felt like Alliance give better gear (especially early on)—I could be making that up, but it’s what it feels like. Plus, I have never had TOO many problems with people who play alliance. I feel like most horde players are real dicks ROFL. Again, it could not be the truth or just my luck of who I have run into …but the two alliance servers I’ve played on have always had pretty nice people (of course, you’ll always find the occasional jackass in every group, but horde seems to have a lot more of them lol).


Jan. 14th, 2015 10:17 pm
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January 14 - What are you excited about at the moment?[personal profile] serys 

Sad commentary on my life when I admit I am excited that classes have started back up. They help distract me from a lot of stuff going on right now. Plus I love history and its kind of a secret joy to take history classes for my major.

Had my first class today for Modern Japanese History and it looks to be a good course. I already have an assignment due Friday though, ha. That I don't miss too much.

That and I wrote about 4,000 words today, which made me feel good (and a story I'm pretty hyped about). I am hoping to write more tomorrow. 

In other brief news, I've been extremely emotional lately with everything going on with my dad. It's become really bad (basically crying every night to sleep). I really think I need to find a professional to talk to because I don't know how much more I can of this emotional roller coaster. Hopefully I can find someone ... and soon.
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January 13 - Vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost, something else. What is your favorite type of monster movie/book? - [personal profile] yada_yada

All the above! I looooooove anything with vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, witches, Fae, supernatural, otherworldly in it. It’s my favorite genre of books mostly and it’s moving into shows and movies (Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, etc). Though I’m pretty upset Lost Girl is ending this season, but I guess 5 seasons is actually a good run for a SyFy show … they usually don’t last a first.

It’s also the genre I enjoy writing about as well.

But yes, if you’re into this genre and have a good series I should check out to read, hit me up! (:


Last night I played the very beginning of Dragon Age Inquisition. It's quite a beautiful game (as seen by sceenshots below). I took a few of my character in the beginning and I have to admit, the character creation screen is quite amazing. I also do like that moving is the normal gaming keys. The only harp I have is that when they're fighting, you have to move the group a certain away, and you can place the characters in your group in a different area, etc ...but when it's on a mountain or some kind of height difference from the baddies, the view mode makes it quite annoying to do that lol ... but otherwise, it's interesting. I didn't get far so I can't give much real game review, but maybe in a few weeks I can. For now, enjoy some SS's :D


My character, RaWr

Three More Under the Cut )
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I spent the better part of last night downloading new fonts, finding Photoshop brushes and messing around with a few ideas. I didn't make any actual icons yet, but I hope to futz around a bit tonight. I forgot how much I enjoy this kind of stuff, and hours passed before I even realized it.

Now that I have to be up every day around 7am though, I need to be in bed much sooner, but I've always been a night owl. It's been a lifelong struggle to stay on a normal sleep schedule. For me, normal is 4-5 hours a night, sometimes less. As I've gotten older though, this is so not cutting it, and I find I do best when I get at least 7 hours. So, when I finally noticed the time last night, and it was after midnight, I was shocked.

Finally crawled into bed a little after 12:30am, but it always takes me half an hour to an hour to actually fall asleep due to a stupid active mind that never shuts up. Book ideas, icon ideas, work woes, school stresses, all this decides to bombard me when I am lying in bed, ready for sleep. RaWr! By the time I actually fell asleep it was closer to 2am... so no 7 hours last night and I have a feeling it's gonna hit me around 3pm today LOL.

Anyway. I am chipping away at that mammoth book I decided to read first this year. I'm around 256 pages, out of about 622 I believe. I figure if I can read 50ish pages a night, that's pretty good. I may pick up another book while reading this one that is shorter though. I am still trying to decide.

Anyway ... Here is today's question!

What is the best thing about your relationship with your parents? - [personal profile] serys 

I think the fact that I even have a relationship with my parents is quite amazing. I sadly know a lot of people who don’t get along with their parents, or who have sadly lost their parents and maybe never really got to know them or spend time with them. I feel my life has been enriched by knowing them and keeping them such a big part of my life, even into adulthood.

I think the unconditional love is a beautiful gift that I wish more people in this world were able to experience. The trust, the care and the judgment-free sharing of thoughts is always a huge plus. I don’t know how I will be able to get on without them … they are such a huge part in my life—and this I think might be a problem in the future as I am very attached to them and can’t imagine life without them (which might not be the best thing ... but it is. It's a double edged sword).
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You can tell I’ve had a few weeks off, I am using Happy and Monday together. Today begins one of the many long days I have this semester. Since I have to leave work at 1pm on Wednesday and Friday’s to make my 1:40pm class, I have to scrunch up all my time into three days (since those two days I do only 4 hours). So I basically work from 8am-5pm (no lunch but of course I take short breaks and munch on stuff for a few minutes here and there) on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. *headdesk* The light at the end of the dark tunnel are my Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Class is from 1:40pm – 2:55pm, so I should be home by 3pm. I do also have a Saturday class this semester, my last one ever. It’s communications which I already know is going to be a pain in my ass. So yeah, that all starts this Friday/Saturday… oii!

I do get a long break today though. The ‘team’ leader is taking us out to lunch. Problem? LB called out sick today, which is the worst thing she could do because now I am trapped with annoying coworker from hell plus her BFF and then the team leader. I don’t even care if it’s a free lunch, I so do not want to go. Ugh. Bwahahaha, they are rescheduling it, w00t! I text LB to let her know, and she was all “nooooo!” LOL We’re two peas in a pod.

Anyway … you guys should add me to goodreads (and I'll add back of course :D). I only have one friend on there and it feels lonely :D LOL

I leave you all with January 5th’s question. Have you ever had your heart broken? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys 

Oh yeah. A few times actually. I think it’s why I’ve become more and more closed off emotionally. The one that hurt the most was definitely my last relationship. We dated for almost 5 years, and it ended up becoming both a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I sometimes still have nightmares about it …. and in the end, I had to get a restraining order on him because after I broke it off, he still kept driving by my street or ‘encountering’ me at weird places. I think a lot of my hang ups now regarding relationships are due to a lot of unresolved things from that period of my life, but I’m stubborn and haven’t really gotten the help I know I need. Maybe one day … when I'm no longer content just being on my own and wish to seek out companionship.
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Anyone here use Barnes and Noble? I got a gift card from the team boss at work and am trying to see if I can use it to buy digital stuff (like eBooks, etc). So far my attempts have failed and they make me charge stuff to a credit card -- which defeats the purpose.

I may just have to buy hard copy books, which is fine, but it would be nice if I could buy eBooks. Not that I have a nook but I have the nook app on a lot of things, ha!

As a gift for Christmas with my amazon gift cards, I got myself a 6" Kindle Fire. It arrived today and I've been putting in all the books I haven't read, and so far I am really liking it. It's the perfect size. Not too big, but small enough that it's bigger than a telephone and I can read. It's about the size of a paperback.

I also got all my books but one for my classes. I bought a book used and they said it might take two weeks to get here, but these are the books for my two classes (communications having only one book at the very bottom).

Otherwise, it's been a quiet Sunday. I worked on leveling my Mage from 93 to 95 just so I can expand the stupid tailor and enchanting depots in my garrison (which I need to be 96 for). I also leveled my young monk a little bit (level 10). Still not really into the expansion, but it's something to do to pass the time when I need a break from reading.


Me Kindle Fire Under Here )

And January 4th's question! What is your best physical feature? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys  

Honestly, my eyes. I love my eyes. They’re hazel most days, but they change color depending on what I am wearing (green, gray and blue). I also have natural long lashes, which had an old friend of mine once say “I wish I could gouge your eyes out and put them in my head.” Not kidding. Kind of creeped me out, lmao. But yeah, I love my eyes … and that’s probably why its the first feature I look for in guys. If a guy has hot eyes, yum!
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It's only January 3rd and we're already getting our first real snowfall this winter. More than the little dusting we had back in early December. There's about two inches so it should be stopping soon ha-ha. Why couldn't this have fallen on a work day? *grin* LOL

I just drove down the street and down two more in it to get a Subway sammich because I am starving. So, thought I'd do January 3rd's question from the January meme. :D

What is your dream profession?
- Submitted by [personal profile] serys 

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I remember people always telling me I’d make a great teacher some day. I lost out to fear. I just can’t overcome the idea of failing at it, so I kind of gave up on going for it. Plus, I've always gotten comfortable at my jobs, that I never had a huge desire to go for it again (except the collections job... by the end of that I was ready to be a pig farmer).

My other dream profession is being a professional fiction writer. I love writing. I have loved it since I was a child. I was that kid that carried a notebook everywhere she went and scribbled away while others chatted. I was the kid that would write short story after short story while people stared at me like I had completely lost it  lol … hell, I am still that kid, but instead of a notepad it’s a laptop or a tablet. Maybe someday I won't be a chickenshit anymore :D

Speaking of writing, going to go do a little reading :D
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First day back to work after that long break and it's dead here. Only 3 people came into work on my floor, 1 on the second and 2 on the main level ... ha! It's so nice though. I love when it's this quiet at work.

I just finished going through all of my emails and phone messages, which thankfully weren't that many, and now I am just relaxing. I picked out the first book to read this year, and of course I had to pick out the thickest book I have on my TBR bookshelf... haha! It's a genre I don't typically read but I read The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett and totally loved it and someone recommended this book for me. So far I am enjoying it (but only 50 pages in haha).

It's called The Name of the Wind. I am looking forward to this read--all 662 pages of it. I also have the second book from The Warded Man, so I will probably read that next.

I can't believe classes start back up next week. Where did the last three weeks go? I had a mini panic attack last night thinking about how quickly the time went, and it freaks me out when I sit down and really think about how fast life is just flying by. I'm not even kidding ... I had the chills, feeling of the world spinning, heavy breathing and my heart thudding in my ears and a deep sinking feeling in my stomach from total panic ... It was a crappy feeling. I had to get up out of bed at like 3am and read to distract myself because it was bad.

Thankfully I am okay now, and it's why I like coming into work. Too much time off means too much time to myself to think, and thinking is usually bad. This way I'm distracted most of the day haha.

Well, I leave you with today's question from the January Meme!

Top five animated films. - Submitted by [personal profile] yohjideranged 

It’s sad but I really do love animated films. My top five animated films are:

5: Kung Fu Panda
3: UP
2: Monster’s Inc
1: Despicable Me (I love dem minions!)

That was actually hard to come up with, there are so many I really have enjoyed over the last few years.

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Happy New Year everyone!! I hope it was a great night for everyone (: We had some fun putting together a puzzle (I know, nerdy) ... our friend Mike came over too and we all ended up staying up until 5am watching movies rofl. I don't remember the last time I was up that late on New Years. Anywho, leaving you with today's question from the January meme! Still need some questions here if you'd like to help out!

Do you do New Year's resolutions? If you do, what do you want to complete for 2015? - Asked by [personal profile] yada_yada . 

I suppose they can be called resolutions, but I prefer to call them goals. Things that I would like to accomplish or work on in 2015. I feel like the word ‘resolution’ puts more pressure on these than necessary … ha! But I do have some for 2015.

1. Spend as much time with dad as I can without making him feel suffocated :D
2. Complete the writing pledge I made for 2015 (200K words). Try to write poetry again.
3. Read at least 30 books this year, and I will include college books! Also, write more reviews on the books I read.
4. Write in this journal at least once a day, and try to share at least one positive thing from each day.
5. Take more photos. I won’t say I’ll do the photo-a-day challenge, but if I take photos, to share them more. I always start off strong then by February I’m barely taking a photo a month, haha.
6. I usually only drink soda when I go out to eat or when I’m at my bros (because he always has soda). My mission is to completely quit drinking soda this year, even if it is an occasional thing.
7. Visit two new places this year, even if they are right here in Connecticut (as long as I’ve never been before).
8. Make icons/banners again.
9. Do well in my classes.
10. Never go back to Facebook—ever.
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Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope that you all have a wonderful, joyful and memorable passage into the New Year.... and that this new year brings in many happy memories, lots of love and great successes.

I still need a couple more questions for my January Meme here. Feel free to ask me anything! Just pick the date and ask me anything. The 18th and the last few dates in the month are missing. Thanks in advance!! 

I'm at the hospital right now with pops. He's getting his weekly chemo treatment. We'll be here until about 3-4PM.

We're not yet sure what we're doing tonight but I think they want to go to my brother's house to ring in the new year. Every year we typically do my Godmother's house and the whole family gathers, but the last two or three years all the "young kids" go out, so it's just been us old people (yes, I am old now *sadface*). So this year my dad said he didn't want to bother, especially since the treatments have been hitting him a lot harder with this new chemo. So last night, all the youngins were all "So what are we doing for New Years?" Really people?! Not only is it so late, but now they want us to plan some last minute thing ... where most places won't even taken food orders anymore ... to plan something at my godmothers? It just irks me lol. It's like we always have to do stuff on 'their' schedule. Oh well, not this year.

Going to lay back, watch some television, maybe play some video games or build those gingerbread houses we didn't get to build last week and take it easy. 

What are you plans for tonight? If any. 
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 So I need to distract myself from my previous rant and decided to steal (without shame) an idea from [personal profile] yohjideranged. Now, she did this for December, so I am going to do mine in January, which gives people plenty of time to think up some questions. Send your friends over to leave me questions! I don’t have enough readers on my list, and not everyone checks their friend’s page every day, so I might need 3-5 questions from one person :D I’ll answer them honestly, so ask me ANYTHING you’d like! As people start to ask me questions, I’ll add you to the below calendar with your question/s. HUGE thanks in advance!! <3

Pick a date (or 5), and ask me anything in comments! :D P.S. I am always looking for more people to read, so if anyone on your list is looking for the same, send them over!

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January 4 - What is your best physical feature?   - [personal profile] serys 
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January 16 - What is one thing you like about yourself?   - [personal profile] serys 
January 17 - Talk about something that is beautiful to you. - [personal profile] serys 
January 18 - You are in a massive library that contains every book in existence. Which section do you go to first and why? [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 19 - A genie grants you 3 selfish wishes. These wishes cannot be used for anyone else or for any altruistic purposes. What do you wish for? - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 20 - If you were told you could only play one faction in WoW which faction would you choose and why? [personal profile] blm 
January 21 - If you found yourself transported into Azeroth, and you were given the option to live as any race/class which would you choose and why?  [personal profile] blm 
January 22 - What season is your favorite, and why?    - [personal profile] t_hale_capital 
January 23 - If you could travel to any country (without worrying about $$), where would you go and why? -[personal profile] t_hale_capital 
January 24 - You travel to any point in your timeline to fix or change something about yourself to make your future better. Where do you go and what do you change? - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 25 - Can you recommend me some good history books (any era)? - [personal profile] t_hale_capital 
January 26 - Your five favorite childhood books. - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 27 - What would be the soundtrack of your high school years? Number of songs left up to you. - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 28 - Your favorite authors (any genre) or book recs - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 29 - What is one habit you have that you wish you didn't? - [personal profile] yohjideranged 
January 30 - Do you have an animal affinity or totem? If so, what is it and why? - [personal profile] yohjideranged           
January 31 - If you could see, or interact with in some way, one mythological creature, what would it be? - [personal profile] yohjideranged 

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I am about to admit something very blasphemous ...

I want snow.

I know, you're all shooting daggers at me right now, but *raspberries*. :D I only want that first, fresh, clean snowfall. I love the very first snowfall. it's all so beautiful, and the glistening sun off the white surfaces blinds you with joy. It's definitely cold enough here, so I am hoping we get a storm soon :D HAHA ... I know, I'm nuts.

Anywho! I was tagged by[personal profile] serys !

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.

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  1. I have the really bad habit of jumping to conclusions or rushing immediately to ‘negative thoughts’. It’s a habit I am really trying to break away from, but it’s hard. I have pushed people away because of this, and I can admit it’s usually 90% my fault. Though, it is a little vindicating when the thoughts I had were actually true and the person was a piece of poo …but sometimes I wonder if I push them to be that way with my assumptions. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years, but it’s still a bad habit I’d like wiped.
  2. Like my journal friend who tagged me, I can’t sleep in total silence. I usually have some type of soothing noise in the background. Typically it’s my “rainfall” app which has a few good thunderstorm tracks that lull me to sleep. I love rain/thunderstorms.
  3. I find it odd that I really love history a LOT, but I rarely talk about it or ‘squee’ about it in my journal. I love to read about ancient times, and imagine what it must have been like to live in those conditions, etc. My favorite civilization were the Ancient Egyptians, and my favorite historic person is Cleopatra—what a sensation should would have been in today’s society (or Puritan society :D). I also do love early American history (not the slaughtering of thousands of innocent indigenous people of course).
  4. While I don’t believe 99% of the conspiracies out there in the world… I love to read and contemplate them. My favorite one of all time is also one of my favorite shows—Ancient Aliens. I love that show, and while a lot of it is just insane, I think it’s fascinating to think “What if?” LOL
  5. I loooooooove stuffed baby sheep and baby elephants. They’re just so damn cute. I actually have a decent sized collection of stuffed sheep, and the elephants are a recent “OMGTHEYRESOCUTEMUSTHAVE” obsession so I only have two of them.
  6. I burn quickly. I am very passionate, and that passion is quick to ignite and it burns fire hot…but it also fizzles quickly. I start projects all the time, get halfway, and abandon them. I’ll be super gung-ho about a video game, play it for a few weeks and then ditch it. I’ll start a scrapbook, get 10 pages done in two days, and then not touch it again for years. I don’t know if this is a bad habit, or if I just can’t make up my mind—ever.
  7. Some people eat when they’re stressed or things are out of control in their life. Me? I shop. It’s not healthy on my wallet. I’ve learned to keep it to small things, but it’s still something I do a lot … especially now that I have Amazon Prime. I’m always buying eBooks or regular books, movies, small things I don’t really need, but want and fill a different need. I guess it’s better than stuffing my face with Big Macs though, right? Right! :D

And now you all think I am a psycho :D I’m really not. These are kind of my worst qualities … and I’m usually good about controlling them (not always though LOL).


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