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Well it will be Wednesday in 30 minutes, and I can't sleep, so I thought up a poll. I found an old (but new cuz it was barely ever used) camera of mine, and I found some old photos still on it. It's a lot lighter than my NIKON so I'm going to test it out this week and if it still takes decent shots, I'll probably take that versus my NIKON next week. Hence, the poll.

That, and I'm finding my reading page pretty deserted these days. I have about 3 friends that post daily or every other day, so it's pretty quiet around here, and I'm curious if there are any active communities still around on dreamwidth. I see less and less people posting and it saddens me that this form of expression is dying out to things like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Or people caring less about forming friendships with readers and moving to blog sites like Blogger and WordPress. Meh... just my boring $.02 (:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 3

Do you like looking through other people's photos?

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1 (33.3%)

2 (66.7%)

If I'm bored enough, sure.
0 (0.0%)

Depends on the type of photos.
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If you picked Yes, If Bored Enough, and/or Depends...which of the below do you prefer?

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Nature photos - Sunsets, landscapes, micro shots of flowers, etc.
0 (0.0%)

Architecture photos - Cool/not-so-cool buildings, abandoned places, etc.
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People photos - Candid shots, babies, anything but 'selfies'
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Food - What people prepare, what's been prepared for them, etc.
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Random - Seeing into a person's life through their inanimate objects, artistic shots of packages of gum, latest photo of an artistic project, etc.
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All the above.
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Do you belong to any active communities on Dreamwidth (no affiliation with photography necessary--just any active community)?

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1 (50.0%)

If yes, which community/ies do you recommend?

Which one is better.

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I'm happy to see I am not the only one upset. This guy (Video below) seems a little extreme, but a lot of his points are pretty spot on. He has a #2 video up, a "36 hours later" one. People are mad because he's a grown adult and raging like a 2 year old, but I see his point too. Plus, it's hilarious :D The second one is even funnier.

Just pretty upset with the way Blizzard handled all of this. People are coming out and admitting they were in Beta and they warned Blizzard about a lot of the issues that caused this nightmare launch. Others are just huge fan boys and cant see any wrong on Blizzard's part, and I'm sorry but there is definitely blame there. They're a multi-billion dollar company ... they have the money to have thought of this beforehand...but they just don't care.

I am not going to be a liar and say I am unsubscribing. While I am annoyed and hell, even upset by this, I do still enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy the story lines, the game style, etc. Though, this has taught me not to give them more than my $15 sub fee. I usually buy pets and mounts, and other things (like name changes, etc), but no more. I won't be giving them more than the monthly fee from now on, and I really don't know if I'll continue with further expansions.

This experience has put a bad taste in my mouth with the game, and usually when that happens I don't stick around much longer ...but I won't sit here and say I'm going to rage quit (at least not yet :D). I am hoping the content is super amazing and well worth this insanity ... and then I can get back to enjoying what I pay for :D
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Well I admit, my geek self was pretty excited to have today off work so I could really plow through the levels and get as close to 100 as I could. Let me just say ... NEVER. FUCKING. AGAIN. I would have had more fun at work than today's horror show of a launch day.

I didn't want to log in right at 3am when it launched for my area, so I figured 6ish am would have most of the people out in the new areas already and the starting areas wouldnt be so bad. I was wrong.

The lag was HORRIBLE. People standing on quest givers with the huge ass mounts just being total and complete a-holes (Wow Players at their finest). People not wanting to group so they could spam their AOE (MAGES and LOCKS mostly) and just make everyone else wait to loot quests and kill things and grab things because it was all SHARED ...

Two hours in ... and suddenly Stormrage (my main server) starts to crash, come back play for 2 minutes, crash again. Rinse and repeat this until about Noon ... and now it's been an endless queue fest. You wait 1 hour - 2 hours and suddenly it looks like its going to load and it freezes at about 90% on the load screen only to drop you out again and wait in another 1 - 2 hour queue.

Now it's not just stormrage. ALL servers are locked and ALL people are complaining about the same exact thing (even low population areas). I get it ... it's a lot of people, I really do. What I don't get is how a company with Blizzard's type of money and TEN years of experience, not realize this would be a nightmare and not plan ahead? Oh wait, I do get it. They don't care about their customers, because whatever they end up doing in the next day or two to help keep servers up ... (and what they should have done in the FIRST place) will fix the problem and all of these raged out people (Myself included) will just forget this nightmare.

So lesson learned for me ... NEVER take a day off for launch day. Better taking the Monday/Tuesday of the following week off than these two days. Now I know, so I at least learned something out of this nightmare. That, and maybe I won't even play WoW anymore by the next one lmao ...

They are now blaming it all on DDOS attacks... they've been usign this invisible attacker for over a year now. I think they need a new boogey man.

This image sums up my day since Noon (it's now 8PM). Oh and I only got halfway through level 91 ... most cant even get to level 91 and yet a handful of lucky ones on low pop servers this morning got to level 100. It's just a bloody nightmare and my geek self is ready to slaughter bunnies :D

I admit it ... I'm totally spazzing about this but I was REALLY looking forward to it and it's rough being disappointed. I love how it doesnt even give me a time frame :D

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