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Anyone here use Barnes and Noble? I got a gift card from the team boss at work and am trying to see if I can use it to buy digital stuff (like eBooks, etc). So far my attempts have failed and they make me charge stuff to a credit card -- which defeats the purpose.

I may just have to buy hard copy books, which is fine, but it would be nice if I could buy eBooks. Not that I have a nook but I have the nook app on a lot of things, ha!

As a gift for Christmas with my amazon gift cards, I got myself a 6" Kindle Fire. It arrived today and I've been putting in all the books I haven't read, and so far I am really liking it. It's the perfect size. Not too big, but small enough that it's bigger than a telephone and I can read. It's about the size of a paperback.

I also got all my books but one for my classes. I bought a book used and they said it might take two weeks to get here, but these are the books for my two classes (communications having only one book at the very bottom).

Otherwise, it's been a quiet Sunday. I worked on leveling my Mage from 93 to 95 just so I can expand the stupid tailor and enchanting depots in my garrison (which I need to be 96 for). I also leveled my young monk a little bit (level 10). Still not really into the expansion, but it's something to do to pass the time when I need a break from reading.


Me Kindle Fire Under Here )

And January 4th's question! What is your best physical feature? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys  

Honestly, my eyes. I love my eyes. They’re hazel most days, but they change color depending on what I am wearing (green, gray and blue). I also have natural long lashes, which had an old friend of mine once say “I wish I could gouge your eyes out and put them in my head.” Not kidding. Kind of creeped me out, lmao. But yeah, I love my eyes … and that’s probably why its the first feature I look for in guys. If a guy has hot eyes, yum!
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Thank you, Kam for the holiday card and gift! You're the bestest <3

Been trying to enjoy the last few days of my break. I am hoping it snows New Years night so I don't have to go to work on Friday :D Though, it won't and I'll have to go. It's still not too bad... Friday is my short day, so it's not a big deal.

I am very thankful for the time I've had with my family these two weeks. Also, for the lovely gifts everyone's gotten me. I finally got one of my long time items on my wish list -- a Telescope :D. It's been fun to glance up on clear nights, and even my brother NTP has been enjoying it haha.

I also got clothes, some new blankets for my new bed as well as a new blankie, a pair of sketchers, new books to read (two of which I read last week :D), some fluffy pjs, gift cards to amazon, one of those mugs that change when you add hot liquid, and cash (: My friends and family know me so well!

Anywho ... some photos from last week.

We left my bros it was snowing here.

The ride up was very beautiful and peaceful. Too bad you can see the van reflection in this photo, otherwise it would be quite zen. :D

Next couple are from the check-in / check-out lobby.

Lots more photos under the cut. )
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Because they both won in the poll. :D And it's Friday... and cuteness is always an added plus on Fridays. Plus, I'm home today and managed to clean my room, organize my bookshelf, pack for next week AND clean up a bit around the house :D Enjoy!

Oh! And minion peeps that Trisha gave me for Christmas, because she knows how much I love the minions. She also gave me a great t-shirt with them on it. I'll photo that next week :D



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Tested my camera out at work today and thought I'd post some shots from the test run since I am bored and waiting for people to get home so we can do some gift swapping. :D

These are the lights set up at work for the holiday party.

Our database people brought in some treats yesterday. They do this every year. These are some of those treats.


Co-worker has these on their door...they're always fun.

My desk at home. :D This was actually ON the camera from a few months ago that I never took off. HA.
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To set up our Christmas tree and village, but since we’re going away for that week, we never set it up (it just ends up being a lot of work for us not to even enjoy it on Christmas). So we usually set the whole thing up every two years. Yet for some reason, we didn’t do it last year, and I’m trying to remember why but I can’t. Oh well … Here are photos from our 2011 set up.

BUT, here’s what it looks like from the stairs (my view as I come downstairs from my bedroom).

*happy sigh* I guess I can just stare at the pics all day, haha!

In other news, I really am not into this WoW Expansion. I really tried the last two days, but my heart just isn’t in it. So I need a new game to fill my free time. Any ideas? Preferably a ‘no monthly fee’ type of game.

I do think I want to get back into making graphics though (there’s one in this photo set lol) … I remember I used to have a lot of fun making icons and banners, and all sorts of good stuff, but then my computer fritz’d on me, I replaced the hard drive and could not find my photoshop CD (I used elements). I may just use Christmas money to get a new digital copy (never get lost bwahahah) and get back into that.

I also still have that damn book idea floating around in my head but with all the school writing I’ve been doing the last thing I want to do is … write. Sad, I know. I am hoping I can get some done during the break. I’ve written the ideas down, so I’m not too worried about them disappearing, but I’m itching to write but just don’t have the energy for it lol

Anywho …it sleeted last night, but since it turned to rain early enough this morning we didn’t get a work delay, but people are still not here (and it’s been an hour), so it’s very quiet at work lol … Now it’s pouring like crazy out and it’s supposed to be like that the next few days. I love rain, but only when I am home and can doze in and out to it :D
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So I forgot to post the dessert I made last week for Thanksgiving in the previous post. Here is a very crappy cell phone photo of it :D It was quite delicious and the hit of the lunch/dinner and I will probably make it again for Christmas (but probably cookies).

Other thing I forgot to mention is that the snow I wanted? We finally got a little bit Wednesday and it actually got us out of work early (five whole hours early for me :D). It wasn't a lot in the end, but it mixed in with some sleet around noon and the roads were pretty bad until the next morning. So YAY for some snow! Now just a little on Christmas and winter can go away :D


I really wish we still had more left now :D
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My cute little holiday stuff came in yesterday. I set them up on my desk at home and am totally loving it.

 photo 1c810bbc-8f63-467b-903a-ca7d1f7f30c5_zpsb10690f7.jpg

That photo was taken with my cell phone so it's not the greatest quality lol ... and YES, that's a minion sticker on my wall in the background :D One of my holiday gifts from a few years ago (I love the minions).

I also forgot to mention I bought antlers and a cute candy nose for my car ... rofl! I know, I am such a weirdo. It was funny though because I wrote my brother NP and was all "Will these eff up my car?" And he was all ... "Um no ... but please don't get those ROFL!" But I still did, bwahahaha.

I'll put them on this weekend and then take a photo of it.


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