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And already busy. I already had to read four chapters for Friday's class, and today I had class at 8am, which means I'm in bed by 10pm on Friday nights lol. It's only the first week and I already have three projects due next week (two for today's class and one for history). D'oh.

So far I really like both of my professors. They're both very passionate which I always find makes the class period go by quicker and I feel like I actually learn more because I am not dozing off or dying to escape the class when it ends.

Wed/Fri I have Japanese Modern History. He's decided to do it more of a discussion type of class, than a lecture type. He basically gives us mad reading (4 chapters a time in one book for Fridays, and 4 articles at a time for Wednesday's class), and then he wants us to write 3 sentences (only) on each of the chapters/articles, and bring these in for class. Yeah, it's work.

On Saturday I have my forced-upon-me communications course. It's an intro course and the very last one I need for my general studies. I've put it off for so long because I hate public speaking with a passion, and I hate that this is required soooooo .. finally taking it. Not surprisingly, he has a syllabus full of topics to do small presentations on each week, a journal we have to keep each week (thoughts, experiences of the class, news in the world or articles that tie into the class), a group (which I also hate) speaking project where each group gets one chapter and they go over it for the class (sigh) ... and our final speaking assignment at the very end of the class that should be no more than 20 minutes and counts a LOT toward our grade. Yet, even after hearing/reading all of that, he truly made it seem like it will be a great class or else I would rush off to drop this thing and put it off even longer. I hope it's fun. We'll see. 

So that's been my last four days. Spent most of Thursday reading for Friday and most of Friday working on the sentences (which is hard ... coming up with 3 sentences that sum up an entire chapter is not easy to do).  And spent three hours this morning (8am-11am) in Comm's class. *headdesk* It will be a lonnnnng semester. 

Of course, this means between work and assignments I haven't had too much time to go through and read my friend's page, so I am a few days behind. Hopefully I can keep up with entries most of the week and just kind of be MIA Wed-Sat. morning lol. 

I am very tempted to take a trip abroad this year with the History department. It's to Japan, and the cost is relatively great for what we get out of it (and we get 3 credits in a level 400 class). Plus, it will be to a place that I most likely will  never get the opportunity to visit ... ever. I am seriously considering it. He doesn't say in the email how long the trip is, but I do have vacation time at work and the trip takes place after my job's Graduation (which is the biggest thing at work I HAVE to be at) ... So maybe. I'll have to see how my dad is doing, but I don't know how early I have to register for it. Decisions .... decisions. 

This is already long, so I'll just do my meme questions for this weekend tomorrow or Monday. I think I'll go try to catch up on your entries now. 


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