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Thank you, Kam for the holiday card and gift! You're the bestest <3

Been trying to enjoy the last few days of my break. I am hoping it snows New Years night so I don't have to go to work on Friday :D Though, it won't and I'll have to go. It's still not too bad... Friday is my short day, so it's not a big deal.

I am very thankful for the time I've had with my family these two weeks. Also, for the lovely gifts everyone's gotten me. I finally got one of my long time items on my wish list -- a Telescope :D. It's been fun to glance up on clear nights, and even my brother NTP has been enjoying it haha.

I also got clothes, some new blankets for my new bed as well as a new blankie, a pair of sketchers, new books to read (two of which I read last week :D), some fluffy pjs, gift cards to amazon, one of those mugs that change when you add hot liquid, and cash (: My friends and family know me so well!

Anywho ... some photos from last week.

We left my bros it was snowing here.

The ride up was very beautiful and peaceful. Too bad you can see the van reflection in this photo, otherwise it would be quite zen. :D

Next couple are from the check-in / check-out lobby.

Lots more photos under the cut. )
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My father is here with us. All the tests came back clear and they doctors have absolutely no idea what may have caused all the pain he had. It's a sucky feeling, not knowing what was causing it, but Im thankful it was nothing serious and he looks 100% better from Monday. That has been my best gift this holiday.

I just finished making some heath cupcakes and decorated them with some very sketchy trees :D I took some photos, which I'll upload sometime next week. My brother's cheated and each had one already and they enjoyed them. I just threw the heath bar bits into the batter and hoped it would turn out good.

Otherwise, I just want to wish everyone who celebrates it a very Merry Christmas! In less than hour it will be Christmas day here. <3



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