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Thank you, Kam for the holiday card and gift! You're the bestest <3

Been trying to enjoy the last few days of my break. I am hoping it snows New Years night so I don't have to go to work on Friday :D Though, it won't and I'll have to go. It's still not too bad... Friday is my short day, so it's not a big deal.

I am very thankful for the time I've had with my family these two weeks. Also, for the lovely gifts everyone's gotten me. I finally got one of my long time items on my wish list -- a Telescope :D. It's been fun to glance up on clear nights, and even my brother NTP has been enjoying it haha.

I also got clothes, some new blankets for my new bed as well as a new blankie, a pair of sketchers, new books to read (two of which I read last week :D), some fluffy pjs, gift cards to amazon, one of those mugs that change when you add hot liquid, and cash (: My friends and family know me so well!

Anywho ... some photos from last week.

We left my bros it was snowing here.

The ride up was very beautiful and peaceful. Too bad you can see the van reflection in this photo, otherwise it would be quite zen. :D

Next couple are from the check-in / check-out lobby.

Lots more photos under the cut. )

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Dec. 16th, 2014 10:56 am
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Ugh, this video on BBC Earth just totally touched my heart. It’s that awesome.

I want to rage about the 141 innocent lives that the Taliban ruthlessly slaughtered, but that will not bring them justice or peace. My heart is breaking for the families of those tiny souls ... such heartlessness cannot continue, but how do we (as in me and other citizens of the world trapped without the ability to do anything) help stop these absolutely insane men--because only people who have absolutely lost their mind could find any kind of message in the senseless murder of innocent children. I just ... I can't. This world is seriously coming to an end.

[I said I wasn't going to rant about it and did, sigh. Moving on.]

Thank you so very much [personal profile] yohjideranged . I received your Christmas card <3

Now that the semester is over and I have nothing pressing on my brain to write for class, I’ve gotten the mojo back to start writing this book idea I have. I’ve written two chapters so far, and I like the concept brewing in my brain for the 'bad guy', bwahaha. Your book is only as good as your villain to hero ratio man! :D LOL Yeah, I have no idea what I am talking about.

So that will be my project while we're in the Berkshires next week. I am going to bring some movies too, but a lot of what Ill do is probably writing.  That and I am going to see if I can find a good editing program for my MAC so I can make some icons lol ... Give me some fun stuff to do that week since we usually just sit around, veg out and watch movies or play video games anyway :D It really is a great week!

I did decide I will make some Christmas decorated cupcakes next week, so I need to go buy some ingredients today, and since tomorrow is work's Christmas party, I'll grab something for that too.

I do plan to bring my camera next week, so hopefully I can get some nice photos out there that I can share. Oh! I also have to buy gingerbread house kits for us to make those next week too... bwhahaha. So much to do this week and so little time (and pack...ahhhh).

It's weird to feel both angry at the world and excited for a trip. I feel like a horrible person. :/

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The Paper of DOOM is done! It ended up being exactly 12 full pages (would have been 13 but I cut some things out). Once I added in all the images, it turned into 16. w00ts! He wanted at least 12 written, no more than 15 written. He said we could add the pictures into the body of the paper to make life easier, so yay.

I also did my museum write up. I remembered we went to Sturbridge Village a couple of months ago, so I referred back to the photos I took that day (which luckily I am who I am and take a bunch of photos of everything) and wrote that 3 page paper. So, as far as my history class goes? I am DONE!

Now I just have to spend the next few days studying for my final exam in Stats which is Saturday. After that I am free of homework, papers, tests, and insanity until January 9th, when my first class starts back up for Spring.

I am very excited about this. I am dying for a break at school AND at work. Remember co-worker from a few posts ago? Well, she’s driving me bonkers and LB and I are just sick and tired of her right now. Christmas break can’t get here soon enough and thankfully we close down for two whole weeks, so it will actually be a break.

My family and I are going away the week of Christmas too. We leave on Sunday the 21st and come back that following Sunday. But that weekend my friend Erica invited a few of us up to Vermont for the weekend, so I’ll have to be packed and ready to go on the Friday (19th) since we’ll be leaving that day for Vermont, coming back from there early on Sunday morning, and then I’m leaving again with the family on Sunday… ha. It’s going to be a long weekend. But we usually just hang out at the Berkshires, so I’ll get a lot of relaxing in.

So yeah, I am really looking forward to those two trips—w00t! Can I get a TWO MORE CLASSES AND I AM DONE HALLELUIAH!


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