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I want to thank everyone who already gave me a lot of questions to answer in January! You guys are the best :D The best part? They are ALL awesome questions and I can’t wait to answer them … ha-ha. Is it January yet? :D There are still a couple of spots left if anyone hasn’t and would like to ask some questions. The post is here. They can be serious, goofy, philosophical, crazy, personal… anything :D

In other news, we had a surprise visit from my aunt and uncle from Massachusetts yesterday. My aunt is my dad’s older sister, so she wanted to come visit and see how he is doing. Luckily we were at Danny’s house, so we didn’t have to stress out about getting the house in tip-top-shape. I think I’ve learned to hate surprise visits like my parents lol, but it was nice to see them and they hung out for most of Sunday with us.

I took my Final exam in Stats on Saturday, and I have no idea how I did. The questions that were on the last exam I think I did well on, and I think I did well on some of the easier questions, but I got stumped on two of the questions, so we’ll see. Even if I manage to pull off a B in this class, I’ll be so happy… I’ve never gotten better than a C in any math class I’ve ever taken.

I’m just so happy I am officially done with this semester. I have a whole month free! I have a month free because my history professor was awesome and had our final work due last week instead of this week and he didn’t give us a final (which would have been this week). He basically gave me an additional week to my break, so THANK YOU! :D

Next semester I am taking a course on Japanese history with my advisor (I took his Chinese history and I loved it, so I am really looking forward to this class), AND a course on public speaking … which I am going to hate with a passion but I have to take a “communications” class, so ugh. I read up reviews on the professor and he does a lot of group work, which I hate too because usually I’m the one stuck doing everything, but I just need to get this stupid class over with and it was the only class I could take that was on a Saturday. So yeah, I’ll be miserable :D

But yeah … that’s not until January 9th! So, I have a whole month until that torture … and it’s only once a week so I’ll be fine (maybe).

In other news, I started watching that Marco Polo show. It’s a Netflix Original and it is actually really good. I only saw 4 episodes late last night and wanted to keep going but it was midnight and I want to save the rest for next week’s break. I’m itching to go home and watch it though. It’s got everything in it – betrayal, war, sexual intrigue, political conniving, a man trapped in a world not his own and learning the ways of the culture to survive (Marco), a bad ass ruler who is both ruthless but also has a soft spot he doesn’t show many, Kung Fu (I have always loved Kung Fu and wish there was more of it in the show, but it’s still new so I’m hoping there will be lots more in future episodes)… and lots of other great things—forbidden love/lust, great fight scenes, beautiful landscapes/wardrobe for the characters and much more. Granted, the first two episodes are on the slow side, but this is what happens with most first seasons, but after the second episode, it really picks up and I can’t wait to finish this season. Another reason I love Netflix, they release the entire season in one shot.

So, that is a new add to my shows list. I hope Netflix does a second season :D Anyone else watch it? Tonight I’ll catch up on last week’s episode of The Flash, Constantine, Bones (which was their 200th episode and I have been avoiding social media to not get spoiled, raWr!), Forever and Castle. I think next week I’ll catch up on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones since those two shows I love to watch back-to-back (and wish they were released like the Netflix shows).

P.S.  I officially deleted my Facebook. I can't stand it at all, and I just feel angry, annoyed, and hateful toward people whenever I browse through my feed, and I don't like feeling that way. Facebook is so not worth it, and if people really need to get in touch with me, they can do it like we all USED to do it ... actually pick up the phone and call me? Make plans to actually hang out? Actually care enough to not drop a brief line on my wall and take real time out of their day to stay in touch? You know, how friendships should work.


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