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I'm happy to see I am not the only one upset. This guy (Video below) seems a little extreme, but a lot of his points are pretty spot on. He has a #2 video up, a "36 hours later" one. People are mad because he's a grown adult and raging like a 2 year old, but I see his point too. Plus, it's hilarious :D The second one is even funnier.

Just pretty upset with the way Blizzard handled all of this. People are coming out and admitting they were in Beta and they warned Blizzard about a lot of the issues that caused this nightmare launch. Others are just huge fan boys and cant see any wrong on Blizzard's part, and I'm sorry but there is definitely blame there. They're a multi-billion dollar company ... they have the money to have thought of this beforehand...but they just don't care.

I am not going to be a liar and say I am unsubscribing. While I am annoyed and hell, even upset by this, I do still enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy the story lines, the game style, etc. Though, this has taught me not to give them more than my $15 sub fee. I usually buy pets and mounts, and other things (like name changes, etc), but no more. I won't be giving them more than the monthly fee from now on, and I really don't know if I'll continue with further expansions.

This experience has put a bad taste in my mouth with the game, and usually when that happens I don't stick around much longer ...but I won't sit here and say I'm going to rage quit (at least not yet :D). I am hoping the content is super amazing and well worth this insanity ... and then I can get back to enjoying what I pay for :D


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