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And already busy. I already had to read four chapters for Friday's class, and today I had class at 8am, which means I'm in bed by 10pm on Friday nights lol. It's only the first week and I already have three projects due next week (two for today's class and one for history). D'oh.

So far I really like both of my professors. They're both very passionate which I always find makes the class period go by quicker and I feel like I actually learn more because I am not dozing off or dying to escape the class when it ends.

Wed/Fri I have Japanese Modern History. He's decided to do it more of a discussion type of class, than a lecture type. He basically gives us mad reading (4 chapters a time in one book for Fridays, and 4 articles at a time for Wednesday's class), and then he wants us to write 3 sentences (only) on each of the chapters/articles, and bring these in for class. Yeah, it's work.

On Saturday I have my forced-upon-me communications course. It's an intro course and the very last one I need for my general studies. I've put it off for so long because I hate public speaking with a passion, and I hate that this is required soooooo .. finally taking it. Not surprisingly, he has a syllabus full of topics to do small presentations on each week, a journal we have to keep each week (thoughts, experiences of the class, news in the world or articles that tie into the class), a group (which I also hate) speaking project where each group gets one chapter and they go over it for the class (sigh) ... and our final speaking assignment at the very end of the class that should be no more than 20 minutes and counts a LOT toward our grade. Yet, even after hearing/reading all of that, he truly made it seem like it will be a great class or else I would rush off to drop this thing and put it off even longer. I hope it's fun. We'll see. 

So that's been my last four days. Spent most of Thursday reading for Friday and most of Friday working on the sentences (which is hard ... coming up with 3 sentences that sum up an entire chapter is not easy to do).  And spent three hours this morning (8am-11am) in Comm's class. *headdesk* It will be a lonnnnng semester. 

Of course, this means between work and assignments I haven't had too much time to go through and read my friend's page, so I am a few days behind. Hopefully I can keep up with entries most of the week and just kind of be MIA Wed-Sat. morning lol. 

I am very tempted to take a trip abroad this year with the History department. It's to Japan, and the cost is relatively great for what we get out of it (and we get 3 credits in a level 400 class). Plus, it will be to a place that I most likely will  never get the opportunity to visit ... ever. I am seriously considering it. He doesn't say in the email how long the trip is, but I do have vacation time at work and the trip takes place after my job's Graduation (which is the biggest thing at work I HAVE to be at) ... So maybe. I'll have to see how my dad is doing, but I don't know how early I have to register for it. Decisions .... decisions. 

This is already long, so I'll just do my meme questions for this weekend tomorrow or Monday. I think I'll go try to catch up on your entries now. 

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I feel overwhelmed.

I have a lot of crap due for my history class in the next two weeks and I haven’t even started most of the projects. A procrastinator to the end, I always do this to myself. I still can’t believe we only have 3 classes left to this semester … wow.

I have a 15 page research paper due the week after Thanksgiving, but we have to give him partial draft this coming Tuesday and that means a lot of writing for me this weekend, which means a lot of pre-reading this week to be able to even start the thing.

On top of that, I have a Stats test on Saturday (I hate numbers/math, and this class has been a huge headache). This means a lot of studying over the next few days for that test as well. I can’t describe how much I hate math … it really doesn’t click with me at all. Thankfully this is the last one for forever.

I also have to do a museum visit and then a reaction paper on the visit for History. So, I am hoping that on Sunday I’ll get out to our local museum here and take some photos and then write a paper on that visit.

Also, I think he gives us our “take home” final next week and since I haven’t read EVERYTHING yet, I really have my work cut out for me the next two weeks. Looks like Thanksgiving weekend will be mostly reading/writing for me. I know people think “Oh, a take home, that should be easy!” Yes and no. Take homes allow me to take my time and not have to BS on the spot … but they also usually involve a LOT more work than if I were to show up for class, answer a few short answers and be done. Take homes typically involve a lot more than just cramming for a quick exam lol. Though, I do still prefer them than taking an exam in class.

I just registered today for spring. I’m taking a communications course – the very last ‘low level’ course I have to take for my general studies…thank GOODNESS. It’s another Saturday class, but I like having Saturday classes. I am up early and get the day going. It’s better than sleeping in until 3pm like I used to. I hate public speaking, and I hate having to do a lot of group projects, which this class will involve a lot of both. I just need to plow through it and get it over with…ugh.

I also signed up for a course on Japan History with my advisor. I took his China History course and absolutely loved it, so I am really looking forward to this class with him. It was a lot of reading/writing too, but I expect that in history courses and don’t mind it because I do enjoy it (even if I feel overwhelmed by the end).

After these two courses, all I need to take is another level 400, the senior seminar, and then the courses for my minor and I am done. I can’t believe there’s a light at the end of this long ass tunnel.

In other news, Blizzard finally fixed the server issues for my server on Saturday/Sunday. I was actually able to log in without much issue on Sunday morning and played most of the day … getting to level 96. Yesterday I felt like crap (congested, migraine and just a horrible queasiness) so I stayed home from work. With everyone else at work, I had no problems getting in and managed to hit 100. I know it’s going to sound odd, but I am a bit sad at how easy and quickly I got to 100. I did mostly quests and I have to admit the landscape in this expansion is truly breathtaking. I’m not much for Lore, so I can’t really talk to that, but the quests were very simple. I think I only died once and that’s because I came around the corner and ran smack dab into a huge mob of baddies and they pwnt my little face good.

Also, I enjoy the Garrison. Mine finally hit level 3, so I got all my buildings in except the Pet one because I don’t have any level 25 pets (my next mission sometime in the future when school work is all situated). I love how easy it is to get my professions leveled with the garrisons and not have the annoyance of trying to find nodes to farm (though I do still farm them when I come across them). Plus, it’s not super easy to make the really good items, and it will take time to farm the elements you need, so I think it should be entertaining.

I also finally hit ilvl 600 last night … which is what you need to do the rest of the normal dungeons, and then 610 to do heroics. I won’t have time tonight but maybe this weekend I’ll try to get to 610 and then run a bunch of heroics. I forget what ilvl you need to do LFR (Looking for Raid).

I was the very first person in my guild to hit 100, so I am probably going to be looking for a new guild soon. I want a guild that will raid, and even though these guys were all gung-ho a few months ago about raiding in WOD, the guild leader hasn’t been on in over 6 weeks and the ‘three’ main raiders haven’t been on in a week. So, yeah … I’ll be looking for a new guild soon most likely. Unless I can find someone on my list who is alliance and who will invite me along with their guild raids … but I think I only have one friend that plays alliance, the rest are horde.

Overall, the expansion is okay. I think it’s become really dumbed down and that kind of saddens me, but I know they’re tailoring the game a lot to people who want to play it casually. I am hoping once I start raiding I’ll see a more difficult side to the game, but the questing part was super easy. As I said, I only died once from 90-100  and it only took me 2 days to hit 100… that’s a little silly to me.

Here is my character’s profile if anyone is bored and wanting to check it out. All her transmog is gone with all the new gear she’s gotten and I don’t think I’ll be transmogging her anytime soon, so she’ll look weird for a while with all the odd gear she will be getting now.

P.S. Does anyone work for Dreamwidth anymore? I sent in a ticket a week ago and still haven't heard a peep.


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