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Anyone here use Barnes and Noble? I got a gift card from the team boss at work and am trying to see if I can use it to buy digital stuff (like eBooks, etc). So far my attempts have failed and they make me charge stuff to a credit card -- which defeats the purpose.

I may just have to buy hard copy books, which is fine, but it would be nice if I could buy eBooks. Not that I have a nook but I have the nook app on a lot of things, ha!

As a gift for Christmas with my amazon gift cards, I got myself a 6" Kindle Fire. It arrived today and I've been putting in all the books I haven't read, and so far I am really liking it. It's the perfect size. Not too big, but small enough that it's bigger than a telephone and I can read. It's about the size of a paperback.

I also got all my books but one for my classes. I bought a book used and they said it might take two weeks to get here, but these are the books for my two classes (communications having only one book at the very bottom).

Otherwise, it's been a quiet Sunday. I worked on leveling my Mage from 93 to 95 just so I can expand the stupid tailor and enchanting depots in my garrison (which I need to be 96 for). I also leveled my young monk a little bit (level 10). Still not really into the expansion, but it's something to do to pass the time when I need a break from reading.


Me Kindle Fire Under Here )

And January 4th's question! What is your best physical feature? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys  

Honestly, my eyes. I love my eyes. They’re hazel most days, but they change color depending on what I am wearing (green, gray and blue). I also have natural long lashes, which had an old friend of mine once say “I wish I could gouge your eyes out and put them in my head.” Not kidding. Kind of creeped me out, lmao. But yeah, I love my eyes … and that’s probably why its the first feature I look for in guys. If a guy has hot eyes, yum!
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I just had to return one of the gifts I got my brother DTP. I got him a dart board for his gaming room in the basement. It was one of those in a big wooden cabinet, and the real dart board inside with the professional scoreboard on the sides. It was actually a really good sale, so I was pretty happy. Then it arrived and yesterday he opened it and the cabinet doors were all scuffed up, and the inside was all chipped. I was pretty upset. I know this stuff happens, but ugh. So I just went through amazon to get them to send me a replacement, and processing to get this one sent back. Thankfully, my job is a UPS pick up spot, so I don’t have to lug the heavy ass thing to a location. Just wish he’d had it so we could set it up this weekend before going away lol. Oh well. Now they’re saying the new one won’t be in until mid-January, ugh.

I hate returning stuff Lol.

Oh sweet goodness, I just laughed so hard. My brother made a JibJab video using the heads of our family (his, dad’s, DTPs, mine and mom’s) rofl. I’m sharing it because I want to laugh my ass off all holiday season with this :D

025 Friday!

Dec. 5th, 2014 11:50 am
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Today marks 2 weeks left of work until our 2 week break for Christmas and New Years. I love my job :D I can't believe how quickly the time has flown recently. I think I'm thrown because of how close to December Thanksgiving was this year.

I finally got in a little shopping this week so boxes have been arriving every day, annoying my poor dad :D LOL He loves it though, it gives him something to do. I still have no idea what to get him. I did make a donation in his honor, but I need something he can open up on Christmas day. Ugh.

In other news, we're supposed to get some crappy sleet tonight, which won't end until sometime tomorrow morning. My class starts at 8am. There might be a chance that it's cancelled. This will suck of it does. I never thought I would say that, but it will. He is teaching us the last two chapters for next week's cumulative FINAL test. If we don't have class tomorrow, he'll most likely STILL put those two chapters on the test, and I will fail ... because I am a very visual learner and this class is already hard for me because it involves numbers, formulas and all kinds of other crap my brain just can't grasp.

So, I am hoping one of three things happens tomorrow:
1. We have class and all is good.
2. We don't have class, but he posts up a practice final so I can at least google the questions and figure out how to do the questions on my own via YouTube (which helped me with the last couple of tests).
3. Or he tells us to not worry about these last two chapters and simply study what we've learned to date for the final.

Fingers crossed! 

TGIF Everyone!
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I had a fun time last night with the girls and it was the getaway I really needed, lol. It was nice not to go straight home and drive myself right into books again.

We met up at Starbucks and I was able to enjoy my delicious Gingerbread Latte, BUT Trish got their newest red cup flavor, the chestnut praline latte and it was mouth-fraking-watering. It might be my new favorite! Though they do have a toffee nut latte they added that I really want to try too ... so I may have two new favorites. I'll get back to myself on those two.

Afterward we went to Target and I bought all the ingredients for the Dirt Trifle I plan to make for Thanksgiving next week. I hope it comes out delicious :D It's a VERY simple recipe, but I have no luck when it comes to this stuff so *fingers crossed* This is the recipe I plan to use.I'll post photos if it comes out great (and if it doesn't come out so great :D). And yes, I even got the gummy worms.

I was going to do the museum visit for my history class this weekend but I just have way too much to do. I was just reminded that tomorrow night they're celebrating my brother NP's birthday with dinner and then Dave and Busters that just opened up here. I really don't want to go to the latter. I hate crowds, and this place will be ridiculous because it just recently opened up here... but my brother really wants to go there. I told Trisha (his gf too) to just take him, but she wants to have everyone go ... It's going to be miserable for me.

So I basically only have Sunday to write half of my research paper (because he wants to see a partial draft). FML. LOL I also have my stats exam at 8am tomorrow, so I am trying to study like a mad-woman today at work (and later tonight) which cuts into my reading for the paper ...but I figure if I dont go to Dave and Busters on Saturday, then I can read them (another valid reason not to go :D).

Three more weeks ... I just have to keep repeating that.


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