Jan. 13th, 2015

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January 13 - Vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost, something else. What is your favorite type of monster movie/book? - [personal profile] yada_yada

All the above! I looooooove anything with vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, witches, Fae, supernatural, otherworldly in it. It’s my favorite genre of books mostly and it’s moving into shows and movies (Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, etc). Though I’m pretty upset Lost Girl is ending this season, but I guess 5 seasons is actually a good run for a SyFy show … they usually don’t last a first.

It’s also the genre I enjoy writing about as well.

But yes, if you’re into this genre and have a good series I should check out to read, hit me up! (:


Last night I played the very beginning of Dragon Age Inquisition. It's quite a beautiful game (as seen by sceenshots below). I took a few of my character in the beginning and I have to admit, the character creation screen is quite amazing. I also do like that moving is the normal gaming keys. The only harp I have is that when they're fighting, you have to move the group a certain away, and you can place the characters in your group in a different area, etc ...but when it's on a mountain or some kind of height difference from the baddies, the view mode makes it quite annoying to do that lol ... but otherwise, it's interesting. I didn't get far so I can't give much real game review, but maybe in a few weeks I can. For now, enjoy some SS's :D


My character, RaWr

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