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Apparently we’re getting Snowgeddon tonight, all day tomorrow, and into early Wednesday. They’re saying about 30inches of snow for us by the end of the whole ordeal. While I am glad this means we get out early today, have tomorrow off and probably will have a delayed opening on Wednesday … Wtf mother nature?! That’s a lot of snow. It’s like she saves it all up all winter long and then drops it on us, snickering “Ha-ha!” Sweet molasses I have no idea how we’re going to clean that all up, and where we are going to put it all. The last time we had this much snow, it was impossible to see the road backing out of the driveway … and that’s pretty dangerous.

But yeah … definitely no work tomorrow for us, which means I’ll be up all night playing World of Warcraft. My friend BL, his friend and I did a handful of dungeon runs on Saturday and got our toons leveled to 30, as well as got about 80 achievements for the guild (and gold, from running dungeons). We had fun, so hopefully tonight we can run a few more and get to 40 or 50.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the brother’s house. It was my Godmother and uncle’s 43rd wedding anniversary and she wanted to cook for us (I know…their anniversary but they wouldn’t let us cook!) … the food was absolutely amazing. I am still drooling thinking about it. She made turkey, stuffing, candied yams, and her famous bacalao dish (dried and salted cod fish for the non-Portuguese :D)… so delicious.

We did get them a cake, so we had some of that a bit later in the afternoon with espressos (or as we say, Bicas). Hung out, and it was really great. The “kids” (who aren’t kids anymore, but we still call ourselves this) hung out in the basement and watched movies. I saw a film that I can’t yet explain how I feel about. It’s called Stoker. It’s about a young woman whose father dies unexpectedly and out of the blue an uncle she never knew existed shows up and begins living with them. Her mother has basically lost all her marbles and drinks way too much wine in her condition. The movie is this oddly incestual (yeah I make up words) film that is not incestual ….but it gives up these really weird vibes. Basically her uncle is … different (I’ll put it that way) … and she knows there’s something up with him, and so much so she becomes obsessed with him (and he her). It was just a very odd movie, and just …weird (yeah, I know they mean the same thing—see how confused I am!). I still have no idea how I really feel about it, which might mean it is a good movie, but I am not sure yet. It’s classified as Thriller/Mystery, and it is partially but it should also have “wtf is going on in this movie” as a genre.

So yeah, watched that. Then I started to watch Premium Rush, but we decided to head home when I was about halfway, so I didn’t get to finish it. I might check it out later. Got home, and watched Dirty Dancing because I was feeling in an 80s mood… and also got about halfway in a new book I started at the bros. It’s got me hooked so I’ll probably finish it tonight.

So that was my weekend. Oh yeah, class Saturday got cancelled because of a smaller storm we got. So I got out of that :D It was a nice weekend indeed! I am actually thinking of just dropping the communications class. I am just not feeling it. Especially since I sent him three emails with the class list I promised to type of him and he still hasn’t ever responded to me to confirm he got it. For a professor in communications he really sucks at communicating. I’m just so annoyed by this, that I don’t even want to take the class anymore. I have until this weekend to decide, but I’m pretty set on my decision so I might just do it tonight.

And they just confirmed we’re getting out at 3pm today and definitely closed tomorrow. Maybe it will be Snowgeddon!
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I’m already feeling like I have no time for everything I would like to do. I want to read, write, play video games AND get all my homework done in a timely fashion PLUS spend time with family. Grrr. Why can’t I have more time in the day? *sad*

Last night I played way too much World of Warcraft but for the first time in months, I was having fun. My friend, his three friends and I all did 5person Arenas … and I did it on my non-pvp character because she’s my only 100 at the moment (hunter is 95), and I actually still managed to do half decent so that tells you how bad they are *grin* Of course, I only did well when we went up against n00b horde teams lol … otherwise I would get crushed within seconds because my HP was so low compared to the others. It was a lot of fun though, even though we lost more than we won (we still won 8 out of about 20 LOL which is better than I thought with me as a handicap). Before I realized it, it was midnight! Gosh.

I did get the guild started, so w00t! I have decided to try to get a couple of guild achievements first before recruiting. So I am hoping my friend BL (the one on my server) can convince his friends to make toons on our server. If we have at least 3 of us power leveling new toons, we can get MAD achievements for the guild from the dungeons we run (just run dungeons the whole way through and probably hit at least 60 or 70 within a few days…its easy now).

If they don’t feel like leveling with us (which I don’t blame them), I’ll try to find someone to be our third to level so we can at least get some achievements before I start recruiting (don’t want it to be embarrassing ha-ha).

I know, I am very dorky. I know I know.

So it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing the Japan trip. They’re going for 15 days ): I am pretty bummed about that, but it’s way too long to be away. I would feel awful if (God forbid) something happened to my dad while I was over there *knocks on wood*. While something could happen if the trip was only 7-8 days too, it’s still a lot less nerve-wracking somehow to think about it. Don’t ask me how, just is lol … I’m weird, I know. So no Japan for me ): Maybe next year if they decide to do the trip again (which I hope they do) and all is well with dad (which I hope is).

I leave for class in half an hour. It’s a gorgeous sunny day here, and not as frigid as last week so it’s quite nice and has me feeling pretty upbeat (even on just 5 hours of sleep). Thankfully class is only an hour and 20ish minutes, so I’ll be home by 3:30 :D And with that, I leave you with today’s question which is also wow related :D

January 21 - If you found yourself transported into Azeroth, and you were given the option to live as any race/class which would you choose and why?[personal profile] blm 

This is kind of hard because I love the way the draenei and humans look. I also find the gnomes so darn adorable … but if I had to choose, I’d pick a human. I think they did a really good job redesigning them. As for class, I’d go paladin. I’ve been playing one for three years now and with the right gear, she is beast. Whether it’s PVP or PVE, I usually do well on her and have a lot of fun with her. I am enjoying my hunter too, so it would be a tossup between the two but if I have to choose, then paladin lol.

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And already busy. I already had to read four chapters for Friday's class, and today I had class at 8am, which means I'm in bed by 10pm on Friday nights lol. It's only the first week and I already have three projects due next week (two for today's class and one for history). D'oh.

So far I really like both of my professors. They're both very passionate which I always find makes the class period go by quicker and I feel like I actually learn more because I am not dozing off or dying to escape the class when it ends.

Wed/Fri I have Japanese Modern History. He's decided to do it more of a discussion type of class, than a lecture type. He basically gives us mad reading (4 chapters a time in one book for Fridays, and 4 articles at a time for Wednesday's class), and then he wants us to write 3 sentences (only) on each of the chapters/articles, and bring these in for class. Yeah, it's work.

On Saturday I have my forced-upon-me communications course. It's an intro course and the very last one I need for my general studies. I've put it off for so long because I hate public speaking with a passion, and I hate that this is required soooooo .. finally taking it. Not surprisingly, he has a syllabus full of topics to do small presentations on each week, a journal we have to keep each week (thoughts, experiences of the class, news in the world or articles that tie into the class), a group (which I also hate) speaking project where each group gets one chapter and they go over it for the class (sigh) ... and our final speaking assignment at the very end of the class that should be no more than 20 minutes and counts a LOT toward our grade. Yet, even after hearing/reading all of that, he truly made it seem like it will be a great class or else I would rush off to drop this thing and put it off even longer. I hope it's fun. We'll see. 

So that's been my last four days. Spent most of Thursday reading for Friday and most of Friday working on the sentences (which is hard ... coming up with 3 sentences that sum up an entire chapter is not easy to do).  And spent three hours this morning (8am-11am) in Comm's class. *headdesk* It will be a lonnnnng semester. 

Of course, this means between work and assignments I haven't had too much time to go through and read my friend's page, so I am a few days behind. Hopefully I can keep up with entries most of the week and just kind of be MIA Wed-Sat. morning lol. 

I am very tempted to take a trip abroad this year with the History department. It's to Japan, and the cost is relatively great for what we get out of it (and we get 3 credits in a level 400 class). Plus, it will be to a place that I most likely will  never get the opportunity to visit ... ever. I am seriously considering it. He doesn't say in the email how long the trip is, but I do have vacation time at work and the trip takes place after my job's Graduation (which is the biggest thing at work I HAVE to be at) ... So maybe. I'll have to see how my dad is doing, but I don't know how early I have to register for it. Decisions .... decisions. 

This is already long, so I'll just do my meme questions for this weekend tomorrow or Monday. I think I'll go try to catch up on your entries now. 


Jan. 14th, 2015 10:17 pm
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January 14 - What are you excited about at the moment?[personal profile] serys 

Sad commentary on my life when I admit I am excited that classes have started back up. They help distract me from a lot of stuff going on right now. Plus I love history and its kind of a secret joy to take history classes for my major.

Had my first class today for Modern Japanese History and it looks to be a good course. I already have an assignment due Friday though, ha. That I don't miss too much.

That and I wrote about 4,000 words today, which made me feel good (and a story I'm pretty hyped about). I am hoping to write more tomorrow. 

In other brief news, I've been extremely emotional lately with everything going on with my dad. It's become really bad (basically crying every night to sleep). I really think I need to find a professional to talk to because I don't know how much more I can of this emotional roller coaster. Hopefully I can find someone ... and soon.
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You can tell I’ve had a few weeks off, I am using Happy and Monday together. Today begins one of the many long days I have this semester. Since I have to leave work at 1pm on Wednesday and Friday’s to make my 1:40pm class, I have to scrunch up all my time into three days (since those two days I do only 4 hours). So I basically work from 8am-5pm (no lunch but of course I take short breaks and munch on stuff for a few minutes here and there) on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. *headdesk* The light at the end of the dark tunnel are my Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Class is from 1:40pm – 2:55pm, so I should be home by 3pm. I do also have a Saturday class this semester, my last one ever. It’s communications which I already know is going to be a pain in my ass. So yeah, that all starts this Friday/Saturday… oii!

I do get a long break today though. The ‘team’ leader is taking us out to lunch. Problem? LB called out sick today, which is the worst thing she could do because now I am trapped with annoying coworker from hell plus her BFF and then the team leader. I don’t even care if it’s a free lunch, I so do not want to go. Ugh. Bwahahaha, they are rescheduling it, w00t! I text LB to let her know, and she was all “nooooo!” LOL We’re two peas in a pod.

Anyway … you guys should add me to goodreads (and I'll add back of course :D). I only have one friend on there and it feels lonely :D LOL

I leave you all with January 5th’s question. Have you ever had your heart broken? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys 

Oh yeah. A few times actually. I think it’s why I’ve become more and more closed off emotionally. The one that hurt the most was definitely my last relationship. We dated for almost 5 years, and it ended up becoming both a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I sometimes still have nightmares about it …. and in the end, I had to get a restraining order on him because after I broke it off, he still kept driving by my street or ‘encountering’ me at weird places. I think a lot of my hang ups now regarding relationships are due to a lot of unresolved things from that period of my life, but I’m stubborn and haven’t really gotten the help I know I need. Maybe one day … when I'm no longer content just being on my own and wish to seek out companionship.
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Anyone here use Barnes and Noble? I got a gift card from the team boss at work and am trying to see if I can use it to buy digital stuff (like eBooks, etc). So far my attempts have failed and they make me charge stuff to a credit card -- which defeats the purpose.

I may just have to buy hard copy books, which is fine, but it would be nice if I could buy eBooks. Not that I have a nook but I have the nook app on a lot of things, ha!

As a gift for Christmas with my amazon gift cards, I got myself a 6" Kindle Fire. It arrived today and I've been putting in all the books I haven't read, and so far I am really liking it. It's the perfect size. Not too big, but small enough that it's bigger than a telephone and I can read. It's about the size of a paperback.

I also got all my books but one for my classes. I bought a book used and they said it might take two weeks to get here, but these are the books for my two classes (communications having only one book at the very bottom).

Otherwise, it's been a quiet Sunday. I worked on leveling my Mage from 93 to 95 just so I can expand the stupid tailor and enchanting depots in my garrison (which I need to be 96 for). I also leveled my young monk a little bit (level 10). Still not really into the expansion, but it's something to do to pass the time when I need a break from reading.


Me Kindle Fire Under Here )

And January 4th's question! What is your best physical feature? - Submitted by [personal profile] serys  

Honestly, my eyes. I love my eyes. They’re hazel most days, but they change color depending on what I am wearing (green, gray and blue). I also have natural long lashes, which had an old friend of mine once say “I wish I could gouge your eyes out and put them in my head.” Not kidding. Kind of creeped me out, lmao. But yeah, I love my eyes … and that’s probably why its the first feature I look for in guys. If a guy has hot eyes, yum!
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First day back to work after that long break and it's dead here. Only 3 people came into work on my floor, 1 on the second and 2 on the main level ... ha! It's so nice though. I love when it's this quiet at work.

I just finished going through all of my emails and phone messages, which thankfully weren't that many, and now I am just relaxing. I picked out the first book to read this year, and of course I had to pick out the thickest book I have on my TBR bookshelf... haha! It's a genre I don't typically read but I read The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett and totally loved it and someone recommended this book for me. So far I am enjoying it (but only 50 pages in haha).

It's called The Name of the Wind. I am looking forward to this read--all 662 pages of it. I also have the second book from The Warded Man, so I will probably read that next.

I can't believe classes start back up next week. Where did the last three weeks go? I had a mini panic attack last night thinking about how quickly the time went, and it freaks me out when I sit down and really think about how fast life is just flying by. I'm not even kidding ... I had the chills, feeling of the world spinning, heavy breathing and my heart thudding in my ears and a deep sinking feeling in my stomach from total panic ... It was a crappy feeling. I had to get up out of bed at like 3am and read to distract myself because it was bad.

Thankfully I am okay now, and it's why I like coming into work. Too much time off means too much time to myself to think, and thinking is usually bad. This way I'm distracted most of the day haha.

Well, I leave you with today's question from the January Meme!

Top five animated films. - Submitted by [personal profile] yohjideranged 

It’s sad but I really do love animated films. My top five animated films are:

5: Kung Fu Panda
3: UP
2: Monster’s Inc
1: Despicable Me (I love dem minions!)

That was actually hard to come up with, there are so many I really have enjoyed over the last few years.

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I want to thank everyone who already gave me a lot of questions to answer in January! You guys are the best :D The best part? They are ALL awesome questions and I can’t wait to answer them … ha-ha. Is it January yet? :D There are still a couple of spots left if anyone hasn’t and would like to ask some questions. The post is here. They can be serious, goofy, philosophical, crazy, personal… anything :D

In other news, we had a surprise visit from my aunt and uncle from Massachusetts yesterday. My aunt is my dad’s older sister, so she wanted to come visit and see how he is doing. Luckily we were at Danny’s house, so we didn’t have to stress out about getting the house in tip-top-shape. I think I’ve learned to hate surprise visits like my parents lol, but it was nice to see them and they hung out for most of Sunday with us.

I took my Final exam in Stats on Saturday, and I have no idea how I did. The questions that were on the last exam I think I did well on, and I think I did well on some of the easier questions, but I got stumped on two of the questions, so we’ll see. Even if I manage to pull off a B in this class, I’ll be so happy… I’ve never gotten better than a C in any math class I’ve ever taken.

I’m just so happy I am officially done with this semester. I have a whole month free! I have a month free because my history professor was awesome and had our final work due last week instead of this week and he didn’t give us a final (which would have been this week). He basically gave me an additional week to my break, so THANK YOU! :D

Next semester I am taking a course on Japanese history with my advisor (I took his Chinese history and I loved it, so I am really looking forward to this class), AND a course on public speaking … which I am going to hate with a passion but I have to take a “communications” class, so ugh. I read up reviews on the professor and he does a lot of group work, which I hate too because usually I’m the one stuck doing everything, but I just need to get this stupid class over with and it was the only class I could take that was on a Saturday. So yeah, I’ll be miserable :D

But yeah … that’s not until January 9th! So, I have a whole month until that torture … and it’s only once a week so I’ll be fine (maybe).

In other news, I started watching that Marco Polo show. It’s a Netflix Original and it is actually really good. I only saw 4 episodes late last night and wanted to keep going but it was midnight and I want to save the rest for next week’s break. I’m itching to go home and watch it though. It’s got everything in it – betrayal, war, sexual intrigue, political conniving, a man trapped in a world not his own and learning the ways of the culture to survive (Marco), a bad ass ruler who is both ruthless but also has a soft spot he doesn’t show many, Kung Fu (I have always loved Kung Fu and wish there was more of it in the show, but it’s still new so I’m hoping there will be lots more in future episodes)… and lots of other great things—forbidden love/lust, great fight scenes, beautiful landscapes/wardrobe for the characters and much more. Granted, the first two episodes are on the slow side, but this is what happens with most first seasons, but after the second episode, it really picks up and I can’t wait to finish this season. Another reason I love Netflix, they release the entire season in one shot.

So, that is a new add to my shows list. I hope Netflix does a second season :D Anyone else watch it? Tonight I’ll catch up on last week’s episode of The Flash, Constantine, Bones (which was their 200th episode and I have been avoiding social media to not get spoiled, raWr!), Forever and Castle. I think next week I’ll catch up on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones since those two shows I love to watch back-to-back (and wish they were released like the Netflix shows).

P.S.  I officially deleted my Facebook. I can't stand it at all, and I just feel angry, annoyed, and hateful toward people whenever I browse through my feed, and I don't like feeling that way. Facebook is so not worth it, and if people really need to get in touch with me, they can do it like we all USED to do it ... actually pick up the phone and call me? Make plans to actually hang out? Actually care enough to not drop a brief line on my wall and take real time out of their day to stay in touch? You know, how friendships should work.

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The Paper of DOOM is done! It ended up being exactly 12 full pages (would have been 13 but I cut some things out). Once I added in all the images, it turned into 16. w00ts! He wanted at least 12 written, no more than 15 written. He said we could add the pictures into the body of the paper to make life easier, so yay.

I also did my museum write up. I remembered we went to Sturbridge Village a couple of months ago, so I referred back to the photos I took that day (which luckily I am who I am and take a bunch of photos of everything) and wrote that 3 page paper. So, as far as my history class goes? I am DONE!

Now I just have to spend the next few days studying for my final exam in Stats which is Saturday. After that I am free of homework, papers, tests, and insanity until January 9th, when my first class starts back up for Spring.

I am very excited about this. I am dying for a break at school AND at work. Remember co-worker from a few posts ago? Well, she’s driving me bonkers and LB and I are just sick and tired of her right now. Christmas break can’t get here soon enough and thankfully we close down for two whole weeks, so it will actually be a break.

My family and I are going away the week of Christmas too. We leave on Sunday the 21st and come back that following Sunday. But that weekend my friend Erica invited a few of us up to Vermont for the weekend, so I’ll have to be packed and ready to go on the Friday (19th) since we’ll be leaving that day for Vermont, coming back from there early on Sunday morning, and then I’m leaving again with the family on Sunday… ha. It’s going to be a long weekend. But we usually just hang out at the Berkshires, so I’ll get a lot of relaxing in.

So yeah, I am really looking forward to those two trips—w00t! Can I get a TWO MORE CLASSES AND I AM DONE HALLELUIAH!

025 Friday!

Dec. 5th, 2014 11:50 am
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Today marks 2 weeks left of work until our 2 week break for Christmas and New Years. I love my job :D I can't believe how quickly the time has flown recently. I think I'm thrown because of how close to December Thanksgiving was this year.

I finally got in a little shopping this week so boxes have been arriving every day, annoying my poor dad :D LOL He loves it though, it gives him something to do. I still have no idea what to get him. I did make a donation in his honor, but I need something he can open up on Christmas day. Ugh.

In other news, we're supposed to get some crappy sleet tonight, which won't end until sometime tomorrow morning. My class starts at 8am. There might be a chance that it's cancelled. This will suck of it does. I never thought I would say that, but it will. He is teaching us the last two chapters for next week's cumulative FINAL test. If we don't have class tomorrow, he'll most likely STILL put those two chapters on the test, and I will fail ... because I am a very visual learner and this class is already hard for me because it involves numbers, formulas and all kinds of other crap my brain just can't grasp.

So, I am hoping one of three things happens tomorrow:
1. We have class and all is good.
2. We don't have class, but he posts up a practice final so I can at least google the questions and figure out how to do the questions on my own via YouTube (which helped me with the last couple of tests).
3. Or he tells us to not worry about these last two chapters and simply study what we've learned to date for the final.

Fingers crossed! 

TGIF Everyone!
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As I predicted … I am just not feeling this World of Warcraft expansion after all the fail early on. It just really left a bad taste in my mouth and I haven’t played it in over a week. I just don’t have this burning desire to get on and play.

I’m actually thinking of giving SIMS 4 another chance. I guess they added a patch that added pools lol (or are going to add pools in an upcoming patch). Still don’t understand how they released a new game and reduced the options in the game of typical first expansions lol. I do enjoy the new way of building homes, which is one of my favorite things to do in SIMS (sad I know). I rarely get families past two generations because I like building homes too much. I can spend days on one.

In other news, one of my favorite organizations that I donate money to, sent me a really pretty hanging calendar for next year, which was actually a great reminder for me to make my yearly donation to them. I really love nature, so I try to donate to Plant a Billion Trees around Christmas (as well as the Red Cross). It's never a lot, but I figure every little counts.  This year I'll be adding a donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of my dad.

And lastly ... I have this idea floating around in my head for a new book,  and I'm itching to get started on it, but I haven't had the time to really sit down and write it. Maybe after classes are all done and things settle a little at work, I can start it. Oh and either Saturday or Sunday I have to go to the stupid museum and then write a report on my visit. *Headdesk* May take pictures, but not sure yet.

OH, and I think Ill be getting some paid time on here ... so look out for some really dumb polls and a pretty kickass (or not) moodtheme! :D


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Remind me again why I was encouraged to go back to school? Ugh. This research paper has been making my life miserable lol. What little free time I have these days, this paper is soaking it up like a bounty paper towel. I managed to get a total of 9 pages written (out of 15) between Sunday and Monday ... and it is pure shit. It's just a draft, I know ...but I just don't have the heart for it. He only wanted to see a partial draft today, but I wanted to write as much of this stupid thing as I could so I could enjoy at least a little of my Thanksgiving this weekend.

On top of it, he is probably going to give us our take home final, which is another chunk of writing.... Annnnnnnnd reading because this paper has consumed my life. I have been reading for it and totally not touched the class book for these last two sessions. I also have a Stats final coming up, and we have ONE class (after Thanksgiving) to go over THREE chapters and then he is giving us a cumulative final ... Have I mentioned, FML? LOL 

So yeah, I am pretty stressed out these last few days and haven't had much 'fun time' except for Saturday night. We all went out to Plaza Azteca for my brother NP's birthday. It was him, my other brother DP, Trisha, Erica, Mike, Vince, Bruno, Bianca, Diane, Flo, myself and some friend of my brother DP. Dinner was great, with lots of laughs, stupidity and delicious food. We took almost two hours there, and then we went to the new Dave and Busters that opened up. I really didn't want to go to that part, but since they all insisted on carpooling, I was pretty much stuck.

It was an okay time. It was pretty packed when we first got there (almost 10PM). A lot of the gaming machines were taken up, so it was a 'which game can we get on' type of game in itself. Thankfully, about 10:30PM, they kicked out everyone under 18, so that freed up a bit of the games and some I admit were fun... others meh. We pretty much spent the rest of the night there until about 2am. Left the place, hung out outside in the parking lot talking loud and laughing like idiots.

They still wanted to go out to some 24-HR diner and I had to put my foot down. Luckily Bruno/Bianca live near my brother DP (where I left my car), so they offered to take me there on their way home. Driving to MY home, I watched two deer cross the street near my house (never saw deer that up close before and they've never been this close to us), and it was really an "awwww" type of deal. I immediately passed out the second I got home.

I got up super late on Sunday ... the latest in a long while. After a late lunch at DP's house, I got to work on the stupid paper and around 10, I just couldn't take anymore and went to sleep.

Yeah .... it's an UGHHH few days, but I have Thursday/Friday off, and hopefully I can get this paper finished Wednesday, so I can enjoy the four day weekend and then just proof the thing on Sunday. Probably won't go down like that though. I'm a huge procrastinator and know it's not due until next Tuesday, so I will probably not work on it until super late Sunday night.

TWO sorta-new, but not new shows I'm into right now:

Reckless - Trisha and I started it at DP's house while lunch was being prepared. I really got into the show (we watched 6 episodes). Got home, googled it and come to find out CBS cancelled it. To say I was pissed was an understatement. I didn't even know this show was on air this summer? Did they even promote it? So yeah, the season on Netflix only has 13 episodes and apparently its quite the cliffhanger too. Ugh. I just didn't even want to watch the last few episodes but I probably will ...haha.

How I Met Your Mother - Okay, I am so late for this bandwagon, I know. I don't know why, but when it actually was on air, I thought the premise to the show was a little dumb. Last night I needed a break from all the writing and something to just go to sleep to and started the first season up on Netflix. I am mad I missed out on watching it when it was on air, but I was happy to see it has 9 seasons. So that is going to be my new show I watch as often as I can. Though I admit I am tempted to jump ahead and see who 'mom' is but I am holding it back in haha.

Anywho ... I think I am going to get some actual work done before the break and then later see if I can do some holiday shopping... still haven't started ):


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I had a fun time last night with the girls and it was the getaway I really needed, lol. It was nice not to go straight home and drive myself right into books again.

We met up at Starbucks and I was able to enjoy my delicious Gingerbread Latte, BUT Trish got their newest red cup flavor, the chestnut praline latte and it was mouth-fraking-watering. It might be my new favorite! Though they do have a toffee nut latte they added that I really want to try too ... so I may have two new favorites. I'll get back to myself on those two.

Afterward we went to Target and I bought all the ingredients for the Dirt Trifle I plan to make for Thanksgiving next week. I hope it comes out delicious :D It's a VERY simple recipe, but I have no luck when it comes to this stuff so *fingers crossed* This is the recipe I plan to use.I'll post photos if it comes out great (and if it doesn't come out so great :D). And yes, I even got the gummy worms.

I was going to do the museum visit for my history class this weekend but I just have way too much to do. I was just reminded that tomorrow night they're celebrating my brother NP's birthday with dinner and then Dave and Busters that just opened up here. I really don't want to go to the latter. I hate crowds, and this place will be ridiculous because it just recently opened up here... but my brother really wants to go there. I told Trisha (his gf too) to just take him, but she wants to have everyone go ... It's going to be miserable for me.

So I basically only have Sunday to write half of my research paper (because he wants to see a partial draft). FML. LOL I also have my stats exam at 8am tomorrow, so I am trying to study like a mad-woman today at work (and later tonight) which cuts into my reading for the paper ...but I figure if I dont go to Dave and Busters on Saturday, then I can read them (another valid reason not to go :D).

Three more weeks ... I just have to keep repeating that.

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I swear, that is the question a favorite co-worker just asked my best friend co-worker about her boss.#weirdthingsIhearatwork

I chuckled (cuz my mind always immediately goes dirty) and and gave her a hard time. "Really? Most random question of the day award goes to!"

In other news ... A few weeks ago HR sent out a note to let us know we were hosting the "Turkey and a Thirty" Foodshare drive again for the community. I totally forgot about it, and so when I came in today I felt bad. Luckily, I had twenty bucks on me, so even though it's not a turkey and thirty, it's at least something.

They were handing out cute little stickers with their receipts, so I had to take a photo with my phone, ha.


I'm trudging along in this book for my research paper. I am almost halfway through it. It's sad... its not even 300 pages. I can read a 300 page book in one night if I am really into the book (Ive done it many times), but this thing is like pulling teeth. After reading this, I have to read fraken 10 articles so it's not my only source (he wants at least 5 and 1 primary). I also have to study tonight and tomorrow for my stupid stats test. HELP MEH! ): LOL

At least tonight I get a short break from this insanity. Hanging out with Trisha and Diane. We're going to go to Starbucks since they have their "RED CUPS" out right now. I want my damn gingerbread latte :D  Then we're going to go do a little Christmas shopping at Target (stocking stuffers, though I might buy my mom and dad's gift there if I can find something they might actually like).

Every year I have this problem. My parents have EVERYTHING they want or need... when they need something they just buy it. When they want something, they just buy it. They have NO hobbies, so I can't just buy something for that. They hate going out and dinning or doing activities. They like to hang out at home or at my brother's house and relax (they've worked very hard all their lives, and don't know how to 'splurge').  They're so difficult to shop for...ugh. I may just give them gift cards to places but I hate that cop out ... it feels like a cop out LMAO. RaWR!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Other than that, I have only bought one thing for Diane and one thing for Trisha for Christmas. I haven't found anything for my two brothers ... UGH. I have started to write holiday cards, so if you're interested in one, please see the post before this one :D 

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I feel overwhelmed.

I have a lot of crap due for my history class in the next two weeks and I haven’t even started most of the projects. A procrastinator to the end, I always do this to myself. I still can’t believe we only have 3 classes left to this semester … wow.

I have a 15 page research paper due the week after Thanksgiving, but we have to give him partial draft this coming Tuesday and that means a lot of writing for me this weekend, which means a lot of pre-reading this week to be able to even start the thing.

On top of that, I have a Stats test on Saturday (I hate numbers/math, and this class has been a huge headache). This means a lot of studying over the next few days for that test as well. I can’t describe how much I hate math … it really doesn’t click with me at all. Thankfully this is the last one for forever.

I also have to do a museum visit and then a reaction paper on the visit for History. So, I am hoping that on Sunday I’ll get out to our local museum here and take some photos and then write a paper on that visit.

Also, I think he gives us our “take home” final next week and since I haven’t read EVERYTHING yet, I really have my work cut out for me the next two weeks. Looks like Thanksgiving weekend will be mostly reading/writing for me. I know people think “Oh, a take home, that should be easy!” Yes and no. Take homes allow me to take my time and not have to BS on the spot … but they also usually involve a LOT more work than if I were to show up for class, answer a few short answers and be done. Take homes typically involve a lot more than just cramming for a quick exam lol. Though, I do still prefer them than taking an exam in class.

I just registered today for spring. I’m taking a communications course – the very last ‘low level’ course I have to take for my general studies…thank GOODNESS. It’s another Saturday class, but I like having Saturday classes. I am up early and get the day going. It’s better than sleeping in until 3pm like I used to. I hate public speaking, and I hate having to do a lot of group projects, which this class will involve a lot of both. I just need to plow through it and get it over with…ugh.

I also signed up for a course on Japan History with my advisor. I took his China History course and absolutely loved it, so I am really looking forward to this class with him. It was a lot of reading/writing too, but I expect that in history courses and don’t mind it because I do enjoy it (even if I feel overwhelmed by the end).

After these two courses, all I need to take is another level 400, the senior seminar, and then the courses for my minor and I am done. I can’t believe there’s a light at the end of this long ass tunnel.

In other news, Blizzard finally fixed the server issues for my server on Saturday/Sunday. I was actually able to log in without much issue on Sunday morning and played most of the day … getting to level 96. Yesterday I felt like crap (congested, migraine and just a horrible queasiness) so I stayed home from work. With everyone else at work, I had no problems getting in and managed to hit 100. I know it’s going to sound odd, but I am a bit sad at how easy and quickly I got to 100. I did mostly quests and I have to admit the landscape in this expansion is truly breathtaking. I’m not much for Lore, so I can’t really talk to that, but the quests were very simple. I think I only died once and that’s because I came around the corner and ran smack dab into a huge mob of baddies and they pwnt my little face good.

Also, I enjoy the Garrison. Mine finally hit level 3, so I got all my buildings in except the Pet one because I don’t have any level 25 pets (my next mission sometime in the future when school work is all situated). I love how easy it is to get my professions leveled with the garrisons and not have the annoyance of trying to find nodes to farm (though I do still farm them when I come across them). Plus, it’s not super easy to make the really good items, and it will take time to farm the elements you need, so I think it should be entertaining.

I also finally hit ilvl 600 last night … which is what you need to do the rest of the normal dungeons, and then 610 to do heroics. I won’t have time tonight but maybe this weekend I’ll try to get to 610 and then run a bunch of heroics. I forget what ilvl you need to do LFR (Looking for Raid).

I was the very first person in my guild to hit 100, so I am probably going to be looking for a new guild soon. I want a guild that will raid, and even though these guys were all gung-ho a few months ago about raiding in WOD, the guild leader hasn’t been on in over 6 weeks and the ‘three’ main raiders haven’t been on in a week. So, yeah … I’ll be looking for a new guild soon most likely. Unless I can find someone on my list who is alliance and who will invite me along with their guild raids … but I think I only have one friend that plays alliance, the rest are horde.

Overall, the expansion is okay. I think it’s become really dumbed down and that kind of saddens me, but I know they’re tailoring the game a lot to people who want to play it casually. I am hoping once I start raiding I’ll see a more difficult side to the game, but the questing part was super easy. As I said, I only died once from 90-100  and it only took me 2 days to hit 100… that’s a little silly to me.

Here is my character’s profile if anyone is bored and wanting to check it out. All her transmog is gone with all the new gear she’s gotten and I don’t think I’ll be transmogging her anytime soon, so she’ll look weird for a while with all the odd gear she will be getting now.

P.S. Does anyone work for Dreamwidth anymore? I sent in a ticket a week ago and still haven't heard a peep.

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I had a particularly great weekend. It was very low-key and involved a lot of mindless entertainment.

After my 8am class Saturday (yes, I am the genius that signed up for an 8am Saturday class :D), I played a boatload of World of Warcraft until about 6pm. I decided to level a Hunter for PVP and I got her to about level 43 ... which is pretty good for 7ish hours of playing ha-ha. I am actually hoping to get her to level 60 today so that I can boost her to 90. Probably won't get that far, but I'll try.

Afterward, we decided to spend the weekend at my brother DP's house. I enjoy going there because he's got a huge wall-screen for his entertainment center. It's like being at the movie theater, ha-ha. I saw a couple of movies I've never seen before.

I'm a pretty big fan of New Girl, and I had no idea these two had made a movie. We were scrolling through my brother's box (it has all kinds of movies on it, even those still in theaters--though those are usually bad quality) ... and neither one of us had seen this so we put it on. It was stupid. Down right stupid ... and yet, I laughed at some parts so it wasn't completely idiotic. That's what I expected from this movie. Their personalities in this film are identical to the ones on the show...though I think "Coach"'s (Wayans) personality was slightly more original. I was also surprised to see Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) in this. Her personality was also a lot like the one in the show. It's weird that I find her to be a good/decent actress in Vampire Diaries but in this I found her so fake and horrible ... I don't get it. If you want something really dumb to watch that's kinda funny (one scene I do have to admit had me crying from laughing so hard ... and that scene saves this from getting a 1 star) ... this is the movie for you :D I give it a 2 stars out of 5.

I finally saw this movie. It was actually pretty great. I saw it alone, at like 2am, and I admit it made me jump a few times and increased my heart rate a bit. There were a few great twists to the movie that really made it enjoyable. The film is pretty much about a young woman whose life mission is to prove the paranormal doesn't exist (ghosts, etc). Yet, when she's called to an all boys school to disprove it's haunting and find the boy truly responsible, she's met with forces that will make her question her own beliefs. It's truly gripping and 'thrilling'. Highly recommended, especially if you like BBC's work. I give it a 5 out 5 stars.

Those were the two new movies we watched.

Sunday was my brother NP's birthday. We made dinner at DP's house, and my godmother and uncle came over to join us. DP and I started watching season one of Arrow, and I have to admit, the show is much better than I imagined it would be. I thought it was going to be another 'chick' type of show, but even my brother was really into it. They do a really good job of keeping each episode action packed and the storyline flows very smoothly with his flash backs. Somehow they do a good job of having the flashbacks move forward with the show, even though it's from the past. Definitely enjoying it... hopefully I can catch up this coming weekend.

NP joined us about 5pm, and we had his birthday cake (which was very delicious--Vanilla with peanut butter filling and a chocolate moose topping. It was banging. Then he joined us in watching Arrow and we got to episode 7 of season 2 before we all decided to head home around 10pm. I caught up on last week's episode of BONES and Constantine, which were both great episodes. I love BONES, and I am really enjoying Constantine.

So yeah ... it was a very laid back weekend with some great (and not so great :D) mindless entertainment.

Today I'm working on a project I have to hand in for class tomorrow night and since it's slow at work, I'm trying to get most of it done now before I head home. That way I can proof it tonight, and then again tomorrow morning before printing it lol. It's amazing the errors I can make when I type in the 'heat of the moment' or when I just want to get all the words out and not worry about how I'm getting them out. Whenever I go back to reread I always amaze myself at the failsauce :D

Anywho ... last thing I want to mention is Christmas. It may seem early, but usually by now I am completely done with my shopping for Christmas. This year I haven't even started yet. I did buy myself a couple of cute decorations for my desk at home, which I hope arrive today. Trying to get myself in the spirit so I can do some shopping before all the insanity happens in stores. I may try to hand make holiday cards this year, but I don't know if I'll have the time. I have a 12 page research paper I have to write too which is probably going to take up a chunk of my holiday weekend in the near future. UGH! Shoot meh!

It's a three-day work week for me! Which has me in all sorts of a great mood.


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