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Apparently we’re getting Snowgeddon tonight, all day tomorrow, and into early Wednesday. They’re saying about 30inches of snow for us by the end of the whole ordeal. While I am glad this means we get out early today, have tomorrow off and probably will have a delayed opening on Wednesday … Wtf mother nature?! That’s a lot of snow. It’s like she saves it all up all winter long and then drops it on us, snickering “Ha-ha!” Sweet molasses I have no idea how we’re going to clean that all up, and where we are going to put it all. The last time we had this much snow, it was impossible to see the road backing out of the driveway … and that’s pretty dangerous.

But yeah … definitely no work tomorrow for us, which means I’ll be up all night playing World of Warcraft. My friend BL, his friend and I did a handful of dungeon runs on Saturday and got our toons leveled to 30, as well as got about 80 achievements for the guild (and gold, from running dungeons). We had fun, so hopefully tonight we can run a few more and get to 40 or 50.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the brother’s house. It was my Godmother and uncle’s 43rd wedding anniversary and she wanted to cook for us (I know…their anniversary but they wouldn’t let us cook!) … the food was absolutely amazing. I am still drooling thinking about it. She made turkey, stuffing, candied yams, and her famous bacalao dish (dried and salted cod fish for the non-Portuguese :D)… so delicious.

We did get them a cake, so we had some of that a bit later in the afternoon with espressos (or as we say, Bicas). Hung out, and it was really great. The “kids” (who aren’t kids anymore, but we still call ourselves this) hung out in the basement and watched movies. I saw a film that I can’t yet explain how I feel about. It’s called Stoker. It’s about a young woman whose father dies unexpectedly and out of the blue an uncle she never knew existed shows up and begins living with them. Her mother has basically lost all her marbles and drinks way too much wine in her condition. The movie is this oddly incestual (yeah I make up words) film that is not incestual ….but it gives up these really weird vibes. Basically her uncle is … different (I’ll put it that way) … and she knows there’s something up with him, and so much so she becomes obsessed with him (and he her). It was just a very odd movie, and just …weird (yeah, I know they mean the same thing—see how confused I am!). I still have no idea how I really feel about it, which might mean it is a good movie, but I am not sure yet. It’s classified as Thriller/Mystery, and it is partially but it should also have “wtf is going on in this movie” as a genre.

So yeah, watched that. Then I started to watch Premium Rush, but we decided to head home when I was about halfway, so I didn’t get to finish it. I might check it out later. Got home, and watched Dirty Dancing because I was feeling in an 80s mood… and also got about halfway in a new book I started at the bros. It’s got me hooked so I’ll probably finish it tonight.

So that was my weekend. Oh yeah, class Saturday got cancelled because of a smaller storm we got. So I got out of that :D It was a nice weekend indeed! I am actually thinking of just dropping the communications class. I am just not feeling it. Especially since I sent him three emails with the class list I promised to type of him and he still hasn’t ever responded to me to confirm he got it. For a professor in communications he really sucks at communicating. I’m just so annoyed by this, that I don’t even want to take the class anymore. I have until this weekend to decide, but I’m pretty set on my decision so I might just do it tonight.

And they just confirmed we’re getting out at 3pm today and definitely closed tomorrow. Maybe it will be Snowgeddon!
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First day back to work after that long break and it's dead here. Only 3 people came into work on my floor, 1 on the second and 2 on the main level ... ha! It's so nice though. I love when it's this quiet at work.

I just finished going through all of my emails and phone messages, which thankfully weren't that many, and now I am just relaxing. I picked out the first book to read this year, and of course I had to pick out the thickest book I have on my TBR bookshelf... haha! It's a genre I don't typically read but I read The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett and totally loved it and someone recommended this book for me. So far I am enjoying it (but only 50 pages in haha).

It's called The Name of the Wind. I am looking forward to this read--all 662 pages of it. I also have the second book from The Warded Man, so I will probably read that next.

I can't believe classes start back up next week. Where did the last three weeks go? I had a mini panic attack last night thinking about how quickly the time went, and it freaks me out when I sit down and really think about how fast life is just flying by. I'm not even kidding ... I had the chills, feeling of the world spinning, heavy breathing and my heart thudding in my ears and a deep sinking feeling in my stomach from total panic ... It was a crappy feeling. I had to get up out of bed at like 3am and read to distract myself because it was bad.

Thankfully I am okay now, and it's why I like coming into work. Too much time off means too much time to myself to think, and thinking is usually bad. This way I'm distracted most of the day haha.

Well, I leave you with today's question from the January Meme!

Top five animated films. - Submitted by [personal profile] yohjideranged 

It’s sad but I really do love animated films. My top five animated films are:

5: Kung Fu Panda
3: UP
2: Monster’s Inc
1: Despicable Me (I love dem minions!)

That was actually hard to come up with, there are so many I really have enjoyed over the last few years.

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I feel very overwhelmed. I haven't written because my dad doesn't want anyone knowing, but I have to write or Ill explode. Dad wasn't feeling well at all since Thursday. He's been having crazy shivers, a horrible pressure in his stomach, and just overall sense of horrible-ness (Nausea, etc). Seeing him so broken makes me feel so helpless and pissed off.

Well, it only got worse, to the point that Monday morning we called my dad's oncologist. We got my dad's nurse, Sheila, who I actually really like. She told us that even though it might not be what it could be (bowl perforation), she was letting it be up to us whether to take dad to the ER so we could be sure because his symptoms were also symptoms of the bowl perforation.

Of course, we didn't want to take any chances. Thing is, we're all up here in the Berkshires (which thankfully is only an hour and a half away from home/hospital). My dad didn't want all of us to go. He didn't want to ruin the trip for everyone so he basically had me and my brother DTP stay behind, while he, my mom, NTP and Trisha went to the hospital yesterday morning and got there about Noon.

I have hated that decision this entire time. Being here, pretending to have a good time, is the opposite of what we're doing. We're stressing out, on edge, and wishing all kinds of things. We've been calling and texting the entire time, but I hate it. I want to be there with him. Never mind that the hospital doesn't have space for all of us to spend the night with him ... it's not the point.

Initial tests said it wasn't the bowl perforation, but the doctor found his gallbladder quite inflamed which considering everything else going on with dad, can be a major issue. They did an MRI earlier tonight (6ish) to see what might be causing it to be inflamed. We're hoping its just some build up they can give medication for. My brother NTP said they might know something tonight, but probably tomorrow.

DTP and I agreed that if my dad isn't released in the AM with the all-okay we're packing up and heading home. I wanted to this morning but NTP said that would just my dad feel worse, as if he's ruined out week. I hate it, but he's right. My dad will take it to mean something is really bad and that is why we're rushing home. It's not even that ... It's the week of Christmas, we should all be together.

I can't wait for this horrible year to be over. I want my dad to feel better. I want him to stop looking like he is at death's door (it was so bad these last few days, he looked so sick, broken and done ... I think my tear ducts have no more tears). I want to stop feeling so damn helpless.

DTP and I have basically been trying to keep from going nuts by working on a 750 piece puzzle, and when that gets tiring on the eyes, I've been reading. I finished my first non-school book this year--sad, I know. It was actually a really great read, and kept me distracted for a little bit. I took time actually reviewing it too. Usually I just give books stars and move on, but I wrote up a review (which I'll post under a cut.

Otherwise, we've been sitting around just waiting for news. I hope he gets released in the morning with good news (as good as this kind of stuff can give). I just want to go home, honestly. I just want to pack everything and go.

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes, #1)Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wish I could give half stars because this would be 4.5 stars. It was a truly enjoyable read (read it all in one day). This is the first debut novel by Sara, and considering that, she is truly talented.

Sara weaves a beautiful tale, in a world run by the seasons, with Spring on a serious power trip to overrun all of the other seasons. Having already wiped out Winter, enslaved its people and on the hunt for its Prince, Spring is planning the ultimate coup. Too bad that the night Winter fell, 25 Winterians escaped.

Continue Reading - Snow Like Ashes Review )

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I had to request this Friday off. I just knew it was going to be a painfully long day, and I have so much to get done at home before we leave Sunday, that I would just rather use the day to do it.

Dad hasn’t been feeling well the last two days, and it’s totally stressing us all out. He thinks it’s the new chemo, but I think he’s coming down with a cold. He went in for his treatment today (still there), and the doctor said it might be a 24HR bug and we’re hoping that is all it is. We were going to come down next week from the Berkshires for his chemo session on Wednesday (it’s an hour and 40ish minutes away, so not that far) …but we’ve decided that if he’s not feeling so great next week, the Doctor said it’s okay if he doesn’t come.

It’s just so rough. My mom has been so strong this last year, and it’s honestly shocked me (she is very sensitive, and the slightest things make her emotional, hence my surprise). So yesterday we went shopping for some things for next week, and she was clearly very distraught, emotional and I told her she needs someone to talk to (we all do). She’s been holding it all in, but she said she has a coworker who really listens, and has been great. I just wish I could do more for both of my parents, but all we can really do right now is spend time together and keep hoping for the best. I just hate to see my mom so depressed and my dad so sick, ugh. Life can be quite cruel sometimes.

In other non-emotional news …

Last night I went through my stack of books on my “to-read” shelf at home of paperbacks. I have a LOT of books I have to read still, but I picked out four to bring with me next week. Plus, I’ll have my kindle books (which I just went through them all, and created a new Goodreads account—add me if you would like—and added all the kindle books I have NOT read).  I am hoping to get quite a bit read while away, so I can start off the new year having read a few books for pleasure before getting back into school books.

We just finished our Holiday party at work. It was a lot of fun, with a LOT of food and desserts. I sat with my usual trouble crew, and of course had way too much fun at a work event. They gave us two whole hours too, which was very nice. I really do love 99% of my coworkers <3


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